Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pancakes For Breakfast Every Day

Dear Family,
I sit here and think..."How did I get so lucky?" This weekend was extraordinary. Our beloved prophet and other leaders were able to give us ten hours of loving advice and specific instruction on how we can better our lives as members of the church and people of this world. I love that our prophet is not a seer and revelator for just the members of the church but for everyone! His words were loving and kind and I KNOW with all my heart that he is a man of god.
All of the missionaries got to ride over to the stake center and watch all the sessions there. It was lots of fun "hangin" with all the elders. In between sessions we all went out to lunch and played card games. Ricardo was able to come to the Saturday afternoon session and with the amazing ability we have to watch on the internet he was able to tune in and watch at home all of the Sunday sessions. During Elder Holland's talk he began to cry. After it was over he looked at us with tears in his face and just smiled. I knew Heavenly Father had touched his heart:)
Apparently its pancakes for breakfast everyday this week. haha I guess we were just in the mood. We've been busy busy busy! I gave a training last week in district meeting, will be giving another one in Zone conference tomorrow, me and sister Tuck are teaching the young women about missionary work for mutual, AND I'm giving a talk in church!! PLUS we are just teaching the gospel like crazy. It really awesome.
Im so happy to hear that ayrika is doing good!! :) It so fun to see her go through and experience these amazing things. She is gonna do great things for the people in her mission :) Next is Kylee! has she thought about a mission? Sad that the volleyball team is having a hard time. But exhilarating that they won the whole tournament for basketball. Good group of girls. I will pray for you everyday until your surgery! that's so scary :( haha maybe now youll be able to hear huh?:)
I will have to share with ya'll some of my notes that I took from conference next Monday because I forgot my journal.
LOVE my Savior. LOVE this gospel. LOVE my family :) I pray continually that he will watch over ya'll. Send my love to everyone.
-Sister Porter  
PS. Okay, so I might need you guys to send over some winter stuff my way. It still in the 90's during the day but at night its pretty cold! Plus I think its gonna be getting cold soon and I didn't bring anything with me. So I need some of my long sleeve stuff sent over and maybe some tights and a pair of my boots? just let me know what you think? And Maybe an early Christmas present?  I need some more garments.

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