Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First Baptism-----So Happy Happy Happy!

First of all I just want to start off by saying that I love ya'll so much. I am so thankful to have such a supportive family back home who are thinking about me. Second thing, I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM ON SATURDAY!!!!:) :) :) :) oh my goodness it was such a wonderful day. I cant even begin to tell you how happy I am! It is one of the neatest experiences to see someone you had been teaching become a member of the church! The service went so awesome! I like....bawled that morning before we went! Everything went so well. Heidi Starr and Cory Carrol gave a talk. went really well. She was comfirmed yesterday and ah.....just so cool to see someone we had been teaching become a part of the true church:) and to think we only met her three weeks ago!! I guess if you know its true---- its true! :)
I got Sister Asay's package. It had candy in it! haha and a cute little picture that Paige drew of a book of mormon and two little sister missionaries  :) and I got yours! I love the shoes! :) I feel awesome running in the morning ;) I want to see that video of Kodi sooo bad! its probabaly too funny. How is everything else going? How do you like working at the new school? How is dad going? Kylee? So weird that she is going to be a Senior!! It is all boing by so fast! The babies are getting so big too! :) Stephine told me that avie was like come dus come dus! and then spanked him coming up the stairs! hahaha thats just too funny :)
We have District meeting every week! It's pretty fun to get with all the other missionaries :) there is actually a girl who just got here who is training that I went to High School with! She is serving in our old ward!  she was like "why does everyone know who you are already down in the ward I am at?" hahaha:)
Our apartment finally got sprayed and we finally got beds!! ah.... I have never slept so good in my life! I hope ya'll are doing good! MISS YOU LOTS! Love hearing from everyone. The gospel is such a blessing. I cant imagine my life without it. I hope to have the chance to bring many unto christ.
-Sister Porter
PS. dont mind how ugly my feet are but look at how funny this tan line is!
PSS. FUNNY STORY! so ....Kimberly took me and Sister Earl to Cheesecake Factory! (psh.....our investigator took us there!) and right as we were about to leave our waiter comes up to us and was like "the guy at the bar was wondering if he could buy you a smoothie!" hahahahah WHAT? apparently he was a return missionary so he knew who we were! :)
PSSS. Kimberly put me andSsister Earl picture in a picture frame and wrote "MY missionaries" that makes me so happy :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Love Bishop Pepper

Holy moly you guys have been up to a lot of fun stuff lately!! So busy but so fun. You all saw Elder Holland in the temple???!!! I love Elder Holland!!! :) :)  That its so awesome! such a cool experience that you'll remember forever :) I heard ya'll went four wheeling on the 4th!! SO JEALOUS! from what dad told me it sounded like you guys had a good time. HAHAHA I told my roommate about that the other day actually. I said "when I get my package with my shoes I bet you a million dollars their will be candy in it!" haha thank you mommy :)
Is bay showing a little bump? :) I get letters from Dustin and Steph every week!! :) I love her.  She keeps me up to date on their lives over in Springville. She told me they are rocking bikes! That's so awesome! I'm happy to hear everyone is doing good though. I've seen so many people that have said "OH say hello to your parents for me!" I forget all who they are.  Lets see we had dinner at the Donavan's! hahaha .....don't worry we had regular food this time,,,,,,no snails.  Like EVERYONE knows Seth and Dustin. Joe Penock is actually the ward mission leader so that's funny.
I LOVE BISHOP PEPPER! :) he is such an awesome man! He has helped me and Sister Earl out so much how couldn't I do his dishes? haha  It was the least I could do for him and his sweet wife. Yes the bug people still haven't come and sprayed our house yet :( we have been sleeping on those darn air mattresses for two weeks! YUCK. But we should be getting our new beds today and the bug people should be coming today as well.
The work has been good. We have a baptism this week! its on Saturday (July 13th) and I've never been more excited!!!! :) and Bishop "approves" of her so that's good:) She totally a GOLDEN investigator. She comes to all the activities NEVER misses church and she already bought a quad online!! :) It makes me feel good to think that I was able to help her draw closer to her Savior and help her gain a testimony of the church. She is already in Alma of the Book of Mormon! The craziest thing is that she was a referral from Adrian Titera. It goes to show that missionary work is most affective when the ward members help out. Its such a blessing and rewarding experience to join in the work!
We met our new mission president last week! President Ames and his wife are SO AWESOME!! I'm excited for what counsel they have to offer:) He spoke to us about some stuff that was just so powerful!! He was in a meeting a couple weeks before with a couple of the general authorities and one of them proclaimed "The missionary work at THIS TIME and age is just as important and Joseph Smith's vision and the bringing forth of the Book of Mormon!!! When he told me that I got chills! That's so crazy!! But its true with how many missionaries are now going out this could changes everything!! This work will grow so big! :) I'm so excited to help bring the Lords children into this church!
I love ya'll!! :) Have a great week! xoxoxoxoxox -Sister Porter.

The Porter House

The Holts


Hola! Somos las missionarias de la iglesia de jesu christo de los santos de los ultimos dias!! :)
Hello we are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints! :)
We meet A LOT of Spanish people! I wish my Spanish was better than it is so I can kind of communicate. You would think that all those years of those painful classes from high school would have kicked in by now! Anyway, how are ya'll? Anything new???? :) IM SO JEALOUS THAT THE ASHTONS ARE THERE AND IM NOT!! :( But I bet you all are having so much fun:) Its so amazing the wonderful work we can do by taking names to the temple!! It brings me great joy to know my sweet family is doing such great work for our loved ones! :) that story made me cry! haha my companion always watches me cry when I do emails! How long are the cousins staying? How's Kylee? TELL her I finally got her letter!! It made me cry! I just miss her so much! But tell her I have a letter that I'm writing her right now:) Did ya'll get my package?
This past week has just been so wonderful!! Me and Sister Earl have truly witnessed the blessing of fasting and sincere prayer! The day we fasted we saw so many wonderful and amazing things happen! We were really stressed about a lot of things but its amazing what the Lord will help you with when you show him that you care and that your willing to give up something to receive something even greater! :)
1st story: okay.....Cory and Leslie probably already broke the horrible news to ya'll but ...... Me and sister Earl had BED BUGSSSSs!!!!! :( :( Transfers were last week so new missionaries were coming in and the Spanish sisters were getting an extra missionary who was waiting for her visa so they needed an extra mattress! And sister Earl had been sleeping on two so we told them that they could have it.  So when we were taking it off the bed we noticed bed bugs!!! I almost threw up it was so gross!!!!! So we had to throw away like everything! are beds, bed boards, couch, chairs and bags.  People are coming today to spray our house but we had to sleep on air mattress all week! haha it was like a little sleepover;) SO thankful for Cory and Leslie because they provided us with the air mattresses!
2nd Story: We went to Venus on Saturday!!!!!!!!  This was sooo crazy!! I was freaking out it was so weird to see the house!! So basically the people who live in grandma and grandpas house are coo coo kacho! They put up a fence around the house and put a speed limit sign on the street!! ...what? Way weird. But the house just looks so sad :( No one takes care of it. We knocked and tried to get this guy to come to church. haha didn't really work....But I saw Destine as well!! so WEIRD@!!! she's so old! AND Damen (her older brother) Lives in Arlington now and we met with him to catch up and WE ARE TEACHING HIM!!!!!! holy moly! There really is a reason I came back!!
3rd STORY!!! so there is this girl whose name is Kimberly!! and she is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! :) Adrian Titera called us up one day and was like hey! I know this girl who wants to be taught! So we met with her and she knows like everything about the church I swear she's already a member at the end of our first lesson she said "So when can I be baptized?" haha:) Next Saturday!! (July 13th) I'm so excited! WE finally have a baptism and its going to be so amazing :) The gospel is going to bring so much happiness into her life :)
I love you all!! and miss you like crazy! thank you for all the prayers they have been so much help:) Have an amazing forth of JULY!! :) Are ya'll doing anything fun?
THE GOSPEL IS TRUE! love you:)
xoxoxo -Sister Porter
ps. Can you send me more pictures? :) or email? I just want to see everyone and all the fun things ya'lll are doing!:)
pss. I still need the last four digits of my social so I can reactivate my card .... :)