Monday, January 27, 2014

The Weather is so Random

Family (January 27, 2014)
I just want to thank you sooooo much for writing me emails every week. I wake up on Monday mornings and get excited to go and read about how my sweet family is doing and what they are up to. Sounds like the Porters are a busy house hold. I can’t believe how sick everyone is getting!! Tell mommy to get better. I’m glad that you are starting to feel more normal though. Is your eating still weird? .......really sad I don’t get to see those cute babies! I need more pictures of Berk :( Steph sent me a couple of when she was born but that’s about it. haha.....But just whenever you get a chance maybe you could snap a few :) Also sad that I can’t watch Kylee just own the court!! Sounds like she has been doing so great this season. Cant believe she will be graduating SO soon! How's work been? The Lomenicks sent me a little package of some letters from the youth. I loved it our ward is so awesome! Brought back some great memories of young women’s. The girls still remember me as Pocahontas at girls camp :)
This last week was....kind of crazy. The weather her is....SO RANDOM! Tuesday it was 70, Wednesday and Thursday it was 35, Friday it was 19, and Saturday and Sunday was 70 again! Isn’t that so strange. I feel like such a wimp when its cold outside! I really don’t like it......IT actually snowed on Friday!! The Texans freaked out a little. Everyone was out playing in it:) President made us park out cars Thursday night because of the storm so we had to walk around in it all night. SO COLD!
Last Monday was our last time for our zone to have P day activity together! Transfers were this past week so they did a lot of changing to our area. The split our zone! So now our district is tiny and they are all different missionaries! So it was kind of sad because I loved our zone so much but I’m excited for the change :)
We taught our first lesson to our investigator Tobi (I told yall about her in my email last week) and it was wonderful :) She committed to baptism and is really excited to read the book of Mormon. Isn’t that just awesome? The work is starting to pick up again for Hewitt. We have a couple of investigators who are really progressing and lots of potential work going on.
Saturday was the craziest! our car broke down.....We parked at the post office in Lorena to look at some of our potential investigator sheets and when we were finished we tried to start the car....and it didn’t work. Just as we finished talking on the phone with our ward mission leader on what to do a member of our ward (Sister Johnson) happened to pull up. She took a look under the hood and our battery terminal had some NASTY corrosion on it! And firefighter (who was off duty) happens to stop by and offered to help clean it off. He got some tools out and decided to call some of his friends to come over and help. A couple minutes later two cops pull up and get out helping!! We had the whole crew helping! haha it was kind of funny. They finally got it cleaned off and were able to jump us so we could get on our way. Kind of an adventure if I might say....
 I have seen the power of my authority this week. I don’t think I fully understand what great potential I have as a servant of the Lord. We were teaching the restoration to one of our investigators this week, when a scripture popped into my mind that I felt inspired to share. Because I followed this prompting (which I didn’t know at first) I was able to help her feel the spirit which helped her commit to reading the scriptures. The lesson was great; we scheduled another appointment, and made our way home for the night. Neither I nor my companion had seen the great miracle of that night. It was just "another good lesson".  That’s when I realized that I don’t see the blessings of those kinds of things anymore. The spirit is guiding me ALL the time as a missionary that I fail to see that it’s a tender mercy of the Lord. I didn’t give myself or the Lord enough credit for the wonderful things that were happening!! SHE felt the spirit!! She is repenting by reading the scriptures! All because I was obedient in following the spirit in making that decisions. If it’s a righteous decision and it feels right then it’s from the Lord! I am so thankful for the role of the Holy Ghost in my life. Guides me to make the Best decisions, comforts me during times of loneliness and despair, and helps me see the Power of my calling.
I love y'all with all my little Texas heart :) Hope you have a wonderful week!



Mommy I miss you! I totally imagined Kylee running out the door for basketball practice. Is it not  wild to think that your baby is about to graduate? Then no more kids at home. Strange. But exciting for you to see your kids grow.-- Sister Nelson and I just drove down to the urgent care and got it all fixed. The Nurse did tell me that I might have to do something like that, but shouldn't worry about it now. I have been able to sit without pain though which is such a relief! So things are lots better :)
Sad that dad has been sick. Tell him I hope he gets better soon!! The Swine flu is going around.....Everyone in our ward is sick! its crazy, I'm truly surprised we haven't gotten sick yet.......
My heart aches so much for Kodi. A mission is not easy!! you come way out of your comfort zone. It doesn't help either that she doesn't get along with her companion. THAT is very stressful. I'm so grateful that I have been able to have this opportunity. I have learned SO much and my life has changed significantly. I wouldn't take this back for the world! Yes, times have been challenging, and the only way I have been able to get through them is through the love of my Savior. What a wonderful truth, the Lord is on our side! :)
My sweet mother, How have you been? When thinking about what dad had gone through I realized how much you probably had to deal with. I admire you. You are courageous and strong. Thank you for being such a great mommy!
Last week we drove up to this little town called Hillsboro. This is where our district leader and his companion serve. One of their recent converts needed some help with their yard and so our district got to go help! It was a full day event and MAN do I love getting dirty and working hard! I love provided service it makes me so happy.
Little old Dorothy (the lady who wrote you guys) called us one evening after having a wonderful experience at the open house, and left us a voice mail announcing that she had something important to tell us!! We, being typical missionaries thought she was ready to get baptized!! So we call her up she starts telling us about how wonderful the open house was and how she felt the spirit and all that. But then she says "BUT that's not why I'm calling!" So then she talks about how she got really sick and how her daughter took her to the doctors and all that. And then she says "BUT that's not why I'm calling either!" haha so we are just freaking out a little wondering if she was ever going to get to the point! haha SO FINALLY she says that when she signed the guest book for the open house she didn't know she would become ill. And so she was worried that she infected our whole congregation!!! She is so sweet!! but it was just too funny we couldn't stop laughing :) I love old people. They are just wonderful.
I am happy to announce  that I will be staying Hewitt for this next transfer! :) I am very excited to be serving in this area right now on my mission. I LOVE this part of being in an area, where things begin to pick up and you absolutely enjoy and appreciate the members of your ward. Our ward mission leader is fantastic, our ward members are very involved in this work, and the Lord is very much so on our side :) Veronica White is a lady in our ward that's son was less active. He has a girlfriend named Tobi (not a member) who has come to church the last couple of weeks with him and his mom. One night when an appointment fell through, we had the thought to go stop by their house. They happily invited us in and everyone gathered in the living room. We got talking to Tobi, and she told us a lot about how much she knows about the church and how much she likes it. She told us she was ready to take the missionary discussions. This was very exciting news to me and sister Nelson! Mostly because I saw the blessings of being patient. We had heard about Tobi being interested in the church a couple of months ago. If we would have pushed taking lessons at that time, I know with fact that she wouldn't have been as receptive. But during those couple of months she explained to us that she had the opportunity to feel the spirit after having a discussion about the church. She had never felt this way before and said she would do anything to have it again. So she decided to attend church. And sure enough she had felt that happiness inside once more. God prepared her. She is ready more than ever. This reminds me of Jacob chapter 5 when the Lord of the vineyard see's that his tree's have gone bad, and when he thinks all has failed the servant then says "let us wait a little while longer" I LOVE THAT. Jesus Christ will NEVER give up on us. Even he has to have patience. So we must too, in order to reap the blessing which are in store for us:)
Addie's baptism was on Saturday and I got to talk to her about baptism :) I loved it. I just love that she wanted me to do it for her. 
Hope all is well in the porters home! Wish the babies happy birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful week! lots of love! 
-Sister Porter  



A Trip to Gatesville

First things first (for mom's sake) I went into the doctor on Saturday and they diagnosed me with a pilonidal  cyst. OUCH! She said its due to my spinal cord growing more than it should it caused my skin to create a hole in my tail bone area and produced infection. I am SO thankful that was all it was. But it has been a pretty painful ride. They put me on some antibiotics that I have to take four times a day for ten days. Apparently even after they got all the information from mom's insurance it didn't cover it, they said it was becuase it wouldn't cover me because I live here in Texas......You should check that out???  Because that would stink if it wasn't even covering me. BUT they got me a discount .......20 dollars instead of $130.....tender mercy of the Lord. Ah stressful, but now all is better :)
My first youth conference was in Aspen Groves :) and I loved it soooo much! So I can imagine what a blast it was. Clever idea to have that magician come. Sounds cool. Sad that Kylee didn't get to go! But sounds like she is just rocking the basketball court. Those pictures mom sent me of kylee are great!! I love the one of here running through the tunnel thing when they call her name :) made me laugh. Ya, I remember talking to that missionary before he left. We were at the Hurst Stake Center for transfers me and Sister Nelson were able to talk to him.
 Me and Sister Nelson went on exchanges with our wonderful sister trainer leaders in Gatesville, Sister Grimnies and Sister Ewing. It was really fun, Gatesville is TINY! haha we switched on a Sunday so I got to attend their ward. Actually it was a branch. There were maybe ten people in sacrament meeting. Isn't that crazy?? An old guy named Sam sat next to me during the meeting and he was so funny!! During the sacrament he turned around and started yelling to the lady behind her "HOWS YOUR SISTER DOING?!!". I could contain my laughter, it was pretty great :)  This was my first time to leave Hewitt for an exchange. I came to more appreciate my area! I missed it so much I was crying in happiness when I arrived back! Don't get me wrong, I loved being in Gatesville for a day, but it really opened my eyes. I am so thankful to be serving in the Hewitt ward at this time in my mission. My ward is wonderful and there are so many amazing things to come forth here! :) The new chapel here in Waco had an open house this weekend and a beautiful art gallary of photographes done by a mormon photographer (I dont remember his name) were presented. Although we didnt have the oppritunity to attend we found that lots of our investigators and less actives were able to make it!! It really changed their perspective of the church to see all those inspring photos of Christ :) Lots of people were at church the next day :)
Nothing too exciting happened this week. Thursday night we were walking to contact some potential investigators when we heard this little old mexican lady shout out "KITTTYYY!!" ....."KITTTY WHERE ARE YOU!" haha I dont know why it was so funny but me and Sister Nelson just died laughing :) maybe just her cute little voice yelling that or that she started freaking out becuase her kitty was gone.
Sister Morley (sweet older lady in our ward) drove us to Burkeville Friday morning to help teach our investigator Tina the plan of salvation. IT was such a spiritual lesson. When we got to the atonement I looked at sister Morley and asked her how it had affected her in her life. She shared a sad story about when she face depression and she thought everything was lost until she realized that Christ understood what she was going through. Tina begins to bawl and of course me and Sister Nelson started crying and so its just this huge cry fest! She committed to come to church next week and said she would be baptized after she read and prayed!! POWERFUL STUFF!
I hit my half way mark in about a week. This makes me so sad. There is so much to be done and not enought time to do it!! It made me think about what you told me in one of your letters that you sent me for christmas. "dont sweat the little things becuase life is too short" WELL so is my mission! and So I'm grateful that I love it :) I LOVE being a missionary. No words can describe the joy that fills me. And it makes such a difference to have such a supporting and loving family back home!! LOTS OF LOVE to my sweet family.
Pic one and two: this is the new chapel! isnt she a beauty? ;) and this is the open house sign.
Pic three: this is called an oreo cow :) ONLY IN TEXAS....right? :)

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Mouse in the House!

Dear Family!
HAPPY 2014!! what a wonderful time to start new and fresh for the year :) Can you believe Kylee is graduating in four months? that blows my mind away! I'm happy that y'all enjoyed your break! I'm kind of glad the break is over because everyone was out of town!! So it was slower these last couple of weeks.
Sounds like Kylee is doing awesome is basketball. So proud of her wish I could see her play!! Can't wait to watch my kids play sports :) SO a couple of weeks ago we found out that we had a mouse in our apartment........NASTY!!! :/ We were planning one night for the next day when Sister Melson looks at me with a frantic face. "DONT MOVE" she whispers to me. I jump up onto my seat and a little mouse runs around the whole room into the fire place! oh my goodness it was so gross. So that next Monday we bought some sticky traps. Those didn't work very well though.  So the next Monday we got a couple of real traps...we had to have the Elders set them so we didn't get our fingers cut off haha......We still haven't caught it. I think we are going to tell the management today so they will do something about it. We keep seeing evidence of it though. Sister Nelson had little chocolates on her desk and the next morning during studies she noticed little nibble marks on them!! Have any advice on how we can catch the little rascal?  Its a mystery to me!

We were at the Johnsons for dinner last night. I LOVE that family! They have three girls Sage is ten Addie is eight and Clair is four. Last night after we shared a message with them Addie came up to me and asked me if I would speak at her baptism :) AWW! so tender :)  That just touched my heart :) We are teaching a girl named Aylinn. Shes 14 and is just the cutest thing, Shes in the anime club at the high school and is in the band. Her mom and dad are less actives and are stationed in Virginia right now so she is living with her grandmother (who speaks Spanish so its hard to talk to her). But her mom wanted Aylinn to start going to seminary and take the missionary discussions. But only from sisters. She's not in our ward but we got special permission from our president to be teaching her because we are the only sisters in the area. So it was very much a blessing to have the opportunity to teach her because she is just so wonderful! She goes to church every week and when we gave her a Book of Mormon she was so happy! "For me? I feel so honored!"  We are inviting her to be baptized tomorrow :) makes me so happy to share that with people.
I don't remember if I told you about Verna. Verna is an old lady that lives across the street from the Woodsworths in the ward. We took the elders with us one day to go help them start packing for their move. We went outside to rake the yard when we saw Verna outside raking her leafs. The Elders rushed over to help her! Once the whole yard was finished she told them that we could come and visit her any time :) After our first visit we discovered that Verna was a Baptist BUT that she was open to our message. After we left her home that day a thought came across my mind. If we had just randomly knocked on Vernas door she would have rejected us and told us to go away. But because we were able to serve her and show her that we cared about her it opened that door! This is TURE missionary work :) We don't have to go up to a stranger and  hand them a Book of Mormon or tell someone to come to church with us right away, that is scary!   But we must serve one another! THAT is TRUE missionary work! :)

-Sister Porter     
PIC one: We found the elders playing legos with the kids when they were suppose to be helping pack! haha
PIC two: Evidence of the mouse!
PIC three: Texans have some great door steps!