Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sister Missionaries to the Rescue!

HOLA! Sorry I wasn't able to get an email out to ya'll on Monday! The library was closed due to the holiday but because our mission president is amazing he let us come today! :) This past week was full of amazing things! We taught Young Womens last week. It was lots of fun! We took them through a typical day of a missionaries life. We printed of mission calls for each of them to open. The girls were so excited about that they loved it :) It was fun to see their excitement and joy to find out where they would be serving. Reminded me of when I opened my call. What a neat experience for me. In two months it will be whole year from when I did open it. CRAZY! and if my calculations are correct in two weeks from today I will hit my sixth month mark! which means I have a year left! I cannot believe how fast the time is going.
Friday night we were out and about when it started down pouring rain!! We booked it to our car but we didn't make it in time to stay dry.  We were soaked! head to toe. Then we got a frantic call from the bike elders in our ward, announcing that Elder Reynolds fell off his bike and thought that he broke his arm. SISTER MISSIONARIES TO THE RESCUE! :) After driving up and down a couple of streets we found them siting on the curb with their bikes. We strapped the bikes to the back of the car and tried to figure out if we should take the poor elder to the ER. It didn't look broken, and he seemed fine so we decided they would just have a member take them in the morning to check it out. Needless to say that next day we found out that he had broken it in two places!! I felt so bad because I didn't think he had broken it. But glad he is ok. And thankful I don't have a broken arm!
Yesterday morning we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Pino of the 70 and his wife. We had to be in Fort Worth by nine which meant we had to wake up at five! yay......I'm the driver so while everyone else took a nice little nap I drove for straight two and half hours! haha but that's okay I like driving. They shared some really neat stuff with us! Elder Pino doesn't speak very good English so one of the Elders in the mission translated for him! it was very cool. While he was addressing us he had one of the elders (Elder Foulcher who is my zone leader) come up to the stand to help him do something. He was talking about our missions and how we should live it to the fullest. Then he came to the end of his talk and said it was time to go home. He looked at Elder Foulcher and removed his name tag and set it on the stand. The elder looked down at his name tag trying to fight back the tears. The hairs on my back stood up and I had goose bumps on my arms. Me and sister Tuck began to cry. It made me realize how precious my time truly is. I must appreciate the time I have because it will be gone before I know it. " I am 100 % missionary RIGHT NOW. I will never ever have an experience like this again. Such an eye opener to me.  The mission is not easy. BUT indeed is rewarding. I love that.  It reminds me of the fall of Adam and Eve. They had to experience sorrow to know joy, and darkness to see the light. And same with missionary work, we have to go through the hard times so we can gain a better and more full appreciation for when things do work out. "Salvation is not a cheap experience!"  We must work hard for the good things to come to pass!! :) And I have learned that patience is required in order for this to happen in our investigators life. They have work for this conversion. We must pay a price to win the game.  But indeed this is all possible with our eyes single to the glory of God boasting only in him and no one else.
TTTTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNKKKKKKKK YYYYYYYOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU for the package! :) I love it!! soo soo fun. I love Halloween! Me and sister Tuck are gonna make those cupcakes on Halloween and bring them to district meeting. Are ya'll doing anything fun for Halloween? It just still continues to blow my mind that time is going so fast. I'm so grateful for my loving family. :) Ya'll are such a blessing to me. And I know with out a doubt that one of the main reasons why we are so close is because of the gospel. We are centered around Christ. The family is the best place to teach learn and apply the gospel in our lives. We help each other endure to the end by sharing our testimonies with one another and reaching out and helping. By being an example and serving one another. LOVE MY FAMILY!
Ayrikas moms name is SUE! :) haha When is bay due? Is it a boy or girl! I don't think ya'll ever told me..... Is Kodi getting her mission call this week? keep me updated. Today it was actually pretty cold outside it hit the 60s! Everyone has on their big jackets and stuff, pretty funny. Ya, its kind of hard to get stuff up here because my area only has Wal-Mart....crazy I know. I can get by with simple stuff like tights and what not but I honestly think it will be cheaper to send up just some of my stuff. I could probably just wait until you send me a Christmas package or what not. Just send up maybe another one of my jackets and some of my long sleeved stuff. And I have a pair of gray boots that I could probably wear. That's about it. I just don't have any warm clothing! haha But Dont worry about it for now I will figure out for sure what I should do. And you don't have to buy new stuff I have TONS of winter clothing. Okay I wear xs on both G's. bottom and top. Thank you so much for getting that for me. Oh and for buying me face stuff too! cause I know how expensive it is so ya. My face looks beautamous now! :)
WE are indeed part of our heavenly fathers plan. We help guide it along. Its amazing to think that we chose this plan. I can stand her now and say that "I am a follower of Christ" one told me to be, no one made me be this way. But I chose it. Becuase I know its true and I have felt his love. I love you! missin ya! hope all is well. Have an amazing week!!
-Sister Porter
ps. remember when me you and Kylee would have pizza nights on Mondays? good times! :)
1st pic: This is my zone! lots more elders than sisters! haha crazy.
2nd pic: These are the elders being crazy!
3rd pic: me and sis Tuck getting McFlurries @ mickey D's pretty for sure I have chocolate on  my lip.....

Young Women------So much fun!

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