Monday, June 24, 2013

HELLO! HOLA! HOWDY! how are ya'll? :) Im sooo super jealous that you guys get to see the ashtons!! I hope they are doing good! I got a letter from kodi and it made me happy:) Did ya'll get my package? Tell kylee I'm SOSOO proud of her :) she really should be a missionary. it is such a great experience and such a blessing. It feels so good to teach people the gospel! :) OH i would love print outs of the plan of salvation :) we draw out little things for our investigators :) haha.
COOL STORY # 1: You will not believe who I saw!!!!! SARAH FOLTEN!! :):):) I kept having this feeling that I needed to go see her.  But all I knew was that she lived somewhere behind TOM THUMB! But finally I just listened to my heart and I turned to Sister Earl and I said "we NEED to go find my friend today."  She laughed and said SURE!! :) We drove over behind the store and she said do you know where to go?  haha um...NO? she said well pick a street! I pointed to one which we drove down and I pointed to a house that looked kind of familiar! We knocked on the door and it was her father! He was like "what can I do for ya'll? We explained that we were missionaries and that we had an important message to share about the restored gospel. I said that they didnt have time and as he was about to shut the door I said "Do you remember me?" He looked at my name tag and screamed "SAMANTHA PORTER!!!???" GIRL YOU GET IN THIS HOUSE!! He grabbed me and pulled me into a tight hug.  Sarah ran from around the corner and was like NO WAY!! and hugged me as well. I began to cry in happiness. I knew the lord guided me to their home.  There was no way I remembered how to get there. We talked for a while! they told me to tell you hello:) they were so kind and sarah said that she was sooo sad when i moved because I was here only good friend! We are taking her to lunch this week and hopefully be able to share with her this amazing message of the church!! :)
COOL STORY # 2: So yesterday me and sister Earl spoke in church! It was on being a Follower of Christ:) It actually went really well! AND we had five investigators at church!!!! HAHA Soshe was so cute :) while we were listening to sister earl speak she leaned over to me and was like "she has a straightway shot to the celestial kingdom!" :) hahaha She WANTS TO GET MARRIED IN THE TEMPLE SO BAD :) i love it! she wants her family to be sealed forever! and she is getting baptized on June 6th!! wooo hooo:)
I have officially been out for a transfer!! :) This week is the start of a new transfer (transfer is six weeks) and people will sometimes get transferred to new areas but because I am still in training ill be here for a bit longer.  I get to drive this transfer though! haha woo!
I have to go now but I love you all!! xoxoxo
-Sister Porter
Ps. That broadcast was so amazing!! The members of the ward really can make this missionary work grow!! :)

Father's Day

Oh how I love you! HAPPY FATHERS DAY! I just wanted to tell you thank you for everything you have ever done for me! you are the best daddy a girl could have asked for.  I know I would not be out here serving the lord if it wasnt for the great example! You are always putting the lord first in your life and I truly treasure and admire that about you.  You are such a great person.  You have an amazing and unshakable testimony that you share to others around you.  You are a selfless man who looks out for those you care for. And that a lot of people! You are strong in the church and are such an amazing bishop! I am proud to call you my father! Thank you thank you thank you for all that you have done for me! I love you very much and couldnt describe in words how thankful I am for your amazing love and care for me and our family. The way you love mom gives me hope that one day my husband can have that love for me.  You are such a great supporter for our family and have always put us before anything. I hope you know how much I look up to you. I love you. and miss you. Cant wait for you to pull me into your arms in 17 months!
-Love your little rag muffin.
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Hey Sister Porter,


Missing all of you lots! I'm so glad to hear that everything is going good! sounds like you guys are pretty busy.  Oh haha and Will (Elder Ballard) emailed me! he was like "is this my cousin?" haha pretty funny. But I emailed him back to update him about texas!
So it is getting DANG hot here!! today its actually down pouring! We had to run to the laudry room and get our clothes that ended up being soaking wet anyways from running back haha. But you probably remember the thunder and rain storms here! I love them:)
But ya it was 110 degrees the other day!!! And that was the worst day becuase we didnt have any appointments so we tracked outside for eight hours!! phew! THAT was  a looong day.
This week has actually been really long :/ me and sister earl have been just so frustrated with investigators canceling appointments or stuff like that. I pray everyday that I will have patience and the love for my investigators the way the Lord loves me.  So remember how I told you guys about those two african girls and how they were going to be baptized well... they dropped their date :( BUT one of them re set her date for June 29th! So I need you all to pray really hard for NEKIA ILES and that she will have the desire to be baptized and that she will stay committed. Also we had an amazing lesson on thrusday and we invited this mexican girl named Yahira Diaz to be baptized on July sixth! she said yes so we will be working really hard to prepare her for that day and make sure she stays committed!
Last monday me and sister Earl went and played tennis with cory carrol and his wife! that was super fun! Exept I not good at it. But we play volleyball too with all the other missionaries and I just LOVE that!
Well i have to go Ill talk to you soon! xoxox
-Sister Porter


Monday, June 10, 2013

Dinner at the Buers


June 10, 2013
Another week has gone by and a million of amazing things have happened! First and fore most though AYRIKA GOT HER MISSION CALL!!! AHHHHH :) I am soooo very proud of her.  It breaks my heart though that I was not able to be there for her when she opened it :( She's gonna be an amazing missionary! Next is KODI and ....KYLEE......?:) haha Kylee would be such an great missionary its crazy!
I have heard from all my roommates now so that's super nice! Its so good to hear that Ivan is doing good:) Are you sad to be leaving that job? or does it feel nice? Its weird to think you wont be working there anymore.  Those were pizza nights! :) haha
Stephanie has been writing me letters! She is just too cute I love her! I miss you all tons! I pray for you all every night and hoping your not missing me too much ;)
So this past week was so good!!! We extended a baptism date to three people and they all accepted so that's awesome!! We teach this one girl named SoShe and ...she is soooo cute!! she is twenty, is married and has a little boy named Bryan! When we told her about how families can be together and can be bound together through the temple she was like AWWw!! :) she totally wants that! AND she has been reading the Book of Mormon and when we visited her on Thursdays the first thing she said was "this book is great!....But Laman and Lemuel and A holes!" hahaha...Me and sister Earl couldn't stop laughing. 
I found a crock pot in our apartment!!! ...WHAT! :) So I made Cafe Rio chicken for sister Earl! she told me that she wanted to be my companion forever! haha So I ACTUALLY drink water now! its kind of weird I drink like ten cups a day!! I cant even tell I go to the bathroom anymore....compared to when I used to.....
So we have been going over and reading the Book of Mormon with this kid named Demond (he's black) and he is just TOO funny!! he says the funniest things We literally cant stop laughing sometimes. Apparently his Facebook status said this the other day "Went to a pool party, met some cool kids, this is tots the lifestyle for me....IM GONNA BE MORMON!" hahaha :) So ....i guess he's already converted? :)
So we have to get rides from members to our p day activities (IDK why?) but ya and so Logan took us last Monday. While he was driving us though he pulls out his phone and Seth was calling him!!!!!!! Oh my goodness it killed me not to just snatch the phone from him and talk to Seth!! so crazy!
Cory and Leslie invited us over for dinner last night! I just love their family :) And we taught their kids about prophets and how its important that we always follow them!
I'm so thankful that I was raised in the Gospel. I seriously don't know what I would do with out it.  It breaks my heart to see so many people not accept our message because I know how blessed they could be from it.  Treasure this amazing gospel EVERYDAY! It brings me such joy and happiness:) The saviors grace is sufficient. I'm so thankful to be out here in Texas.  I have learned so many new things its crazy. I know this church is true and that the fullness of the gospel has been restored!!
LOVE you all so much! xoxoxox -Sister Porter
ps. mother I loved your lesson! it was really good :) me and sister Earl were actually going to study baptism that day during companion study and so when i read that during personal study I was so thankful :) you are such a blessing in my life. 
Those roses are oranges we pealed!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fun at the Days

Oh, how I miss you all! I love reading your emails and seeing how you are doing. The mission is going great! Texas is awesome, I cant even begin to tell you how much I love it down here! We go down to Mansfield a couple times a week to visit some investigators, But on Saturday we drove past Willie Brown and Mary Orr!! I was like freaking out!! And I saw that Baptist church that me and mom used to read at every morning after we dropped Kylee off at school.  Just seeing those things and places brought back so many great memories!
So the Day's held this HUGE slip and slide party at their house Friday night for the ward and us missionaries are allowed to go to activities like that if one of our investigators are there.  Nekia and Porsha went so we got to participate! haha It was so hard though to see everyone swim and stuff.  It's so weird to think that it summer and I can just put on my swim suit and go play outside!!
So the other day me and sister Earl were out tracking in these apartments and we ran into this guy named Manuel.  We started talking to him about the church and we saw that he was holding a bucket and paint brush. So I asked him if we could help him paint.  He gave me the funniest look and said "Wait.....Are you serious?!)  haha So we Helped him paint while we taught the gospel!! We had to refer him to the Spanish Elders though because he didn't speak very much English so I don't think he understood us very well.  But I know that he felt the spirit! :)
So you guys are going to think this story is so funny. So we have this meal chart that we pass around every Sunday for the ward to sign up for.  And this past week we got fed every night! Which is crazy because we hardly get fed like that (college students don't have food to feed even themselves let alone the sister missionaries) But this last Thursday this guys named Aaron Black was going to feed us but he was out of town so we had dinner with his mother instead.  Of course that night I was super hungry and was SO excited to be fed but guess what I saw right when I walked in? SALAD!!! ...........Sister Earl couldn't help but just laugh when she saw my terrified face because she knew I hated salad.  But of course I ate it but i seriously felt sick all night long after I ate it.  I really think im allergic to it.....NO JOKE!
So Saturday night after me and Sister Earl had come home from a long day of hard work, we were just sitting in the living room having our daily planning session when all of a sudden there was a knock at our door!....WHAT???? no one ever knocks on door! Especially at nine thirty at night!! We both looked at each other wondering what to do. Quick run and look through the window to see who it is! haha so I peeked through the blinds and come to find out its Cory and Leslie!!!! I couldn't believe they were at our apartment! I was so happy to see them :) They were so sweet and are having us over for dinner next week!! But I just couldn't stop thinking how funny and ironic it was that they were there. 
"If you work your mission EASY it will be HARD, if you work your mission HARD it will be EASY!" :)
I love this quote.  This is totally my motto and I keep it in my mind everyday because its true. I'm giving myself to the lord, and if I work hard EVERYDAY i know I can achieve great things out here in TEXAS! :) I love this amazing work and appreciate the great support I get from home.  I wouldn't be out here doing this if I didn't know it was true!
HUGS AND KISSES! love you all :)
-Sister Porter
PS.  Have you guys gotten any of my letters yet? I haven't gotten any from you guys? Ayrikas sister is having a baby!! and Ayrika gets her call this week!!! AHHHHHHHH I'm so excited I'm going to cry! Logan's fiancĂ©e Margaret is actually super cute I love her :) Tell everyone hello and that I love them! How did Kylee play? haha do you think the kids are getting her sick? Are you guys doing anything fun this summer? Just keep updating me :) here are some pictures!