Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Hardest Week Of My Mission

It’s amazing to me each time I sit down to email how fast the weeks go by. When you’re working hard as a missionary the time just flies right past you.

What a week. Sister Sylar and I looked at each other this morning with the relief and or excitement of a new week. I love coming home at the end of each night being so worn out physically and spiritually. HOW GREAT :) I can then kneel down before Heavenly Father and say "I did it" :) Although a rough week, I was very grateful for the challenges, for they made me so much stronger. I learned many things. One being that every soul is great in the sight of God. This part of Fort Worth is very poor and lonely. I have seen so many homeless people. I have seen so many broken families. I have seen so much sadness within this area. I have truly learned to love every single person because I have a testimony and deeply feel that love that god has for all his children. We are brothers and sisters, what an amazing statement.

This probably was the hardest week of my mission. We did great work don’t get me wrong, BUT there was a lot of scary and heart ache moments. We started talking to this man on his door step for a couple minutes when his wife came out and started cursing us out and telling us to get off of her property. Then he ran over to her and shoved her to the ground! We just gasped and stood there in complete shock. I had never felt so sick; I knew we needed to get out of there FAST. We told him we had to leave so we ran away. Then when we were walking up the street to our car a big group of people were just beating each other up. Like, literally killing each other. We hurried into the car and just started crying. I couldn’t believe how much hate people had for one another. THEN to just top the night off, one of our less actives called us and told us she was going to commit suicide! We stayed on the phone with her for about an hour trying to occupy her while we got help. IT WAS SO SCARY. L ……haha BUT on the brighter side we met some awesome new investigators and had a really fun activity on Saturday. Its was a family history baseball themed social. One of our investigators named Mike came and LOVED It. He talked to this older man in the ward about the plan of salvation for about an hour! He is totally going to be baptized ;)

I’m very grateful for the experiences I have as a missionary. I miss yall a lot. Cant believe its almost been a year though. We will be seeing each other sooner than you know J

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Love My Mission

Dear Family (03/18/2014)
Hahah You know what mom I was just talking to Sister Sylar about that story of the temple this morning :) So funny. Love you so much.

 This week has been amazing!! There is so much to write so bear with me if my wording is weird because I'll be typing pretty fast today.

Tuesday:  As you know the mission is having us do 8 hours of service every week. SO every Tuesday here in River Trails we go to the Salvation Army and help serve food to the homeless people. I loved it J It was very humbling and sad for me to see a massive group of people rushing in to grab food because they hadn’t eaten for days. I almost started crying too when I saw the little children. One lady passed out because she hadn’t eaten for so long. Someone yelled out “Is anyone a doctor??” Everyone looked around with no response. I hurried over and told her that I was CPR and First Aid Certified and that I would assist as best I could. She started throwing up so I turned her to her side and laid out her legs.  But before I could help anymore the police got there and told me that they would take it from there. I felt pretty special that I could help J haha. Thanks mom for “making” me get certified J

 Thursday: Today we took Sister Brown out with us to teach a couple of lessons. We LOVE taking the members out teaching with us. It makes the work so much more fun and they can relate to our investigators so well. After teaching a less active we came out side to find it pouring rain! And previous to that we had parked on the opposite side of the apartment complex because we couldn’t find her building! SO, we started running through the rain. Within only a minute we were soaking wet. Sister Sylar, Sister brown and I were just are laughing so hard. It was a blast!

Saturday: Today the district got together for a service project. I really do enjoy spending time with the other missionaries.  We helped rake some leafs, clean some gutters, and cut down some branches for some members in the Hurst Ward. Me, Sister Sylar and two other Elders got to go on the roof to cut some branches.  Our district leader was climbing the trees to cut them down! So scary!! Those boys are so dangerous it’s ridiculous ;)  

Monday: I think I told y’all about Katie last week, but she is getting married next week so that she can get baptized that weekend! J She invited us to her wedding but we have a meeting that morning L But we are so happy that she is willing to give up drugs, smoking, swearing, AND is getting married so she can live the law of chastity! She has such a deep desire. Last night we went and taught her a wonderful lesson about the ten commandments and after she wanted us to see some of her dresses. Once we went into her closet though we had a dress up party! We were trying on all of her Russian hats and scarfs and taking a bunch of silly pictures. It was a blast J I love the bonds and friendships I have gained out her as a missionary. I would have never done that with someone like Katie but because I loved her as the Savior would.  I saw the person she really was. And I'm so grateful that I could share the gospel with her.

TODAY: This morning the Senior missionaries in our ward, Elder and Sister Watt, took us to the temple. Oh boy do I love the temple. It had been nine months since the last time I went. It was so nice to just sit in the Celestial Room and thank my Father in Heaven for the wonderful truths and blessings I have been given in my life. I want to work in the temple when I get home. Also when I was going through I saw Sister Day! She works there and it just so happened that we ran into each other. I gave her a big hug. Man do I love that women. It was so good to see her again. Makes me miss the Singles ward in Arlington.

So the mission has this TOP EIGHT that they send out every week. Me and Sister Sylar are on it every week! Its nuts how much we teach here. I have never had it like this my whole mission. Its so refreshing. J There is this guy named Jessie that we go see and his apartment is located in a really scary area that we aren’t allowed to go in at night. All of the windows have bars on them and we cant go in unless they come open the gate for us. So, when we go see him we just yell out his name through the gate!! Haha it makes me laugh so hard because he totally hears us! And he comes outside to let us in. It's soooo getto!!

I Love my Savior. I have grown tenfold from the beginning of my mission. I understand so deeply how important the gospel is. I will never be so grateful for the love that my Savior has for me and for what he has given me. Let us ever so shine so the world can see and yearn for that light! Don’t forget to be an example to others around you in the way you live your life. J I met this little girl the other day who dragged us around her house showing us all of her families things. After she showed us her room as we were walking out she said hold on guys look at my doll house!! Haha It totally reminded me of me when I was little. I was as crazy as it gets! “This is kylee and she has pretty hair!” ahahaha J
Love always Sister Porter
ps. we had dinner with a family whoes daughter just got home from her mission. made me a little home sick to see her having so much joy reuniting with her family! Can't wait to see my sweet family again. SO SOON! lots of love.


Monday, March 10, 2014


Family,  03/10/2014)
Those pictures are so old! I cant believe how fast time goes. And how different we can look. Miss you guys.
So Tuesday night I had to say my goodbyes to Waco. It was the hardest leave for me. I loved that area SO much. I cried all night long. BUT the good news is that River Trails is amazing! I am now serving with Sister Sylar. We get along VERY well. I have only been here for a couple of days and we are just the best of friends ;) Its really refreshing to be put with a companion that you get along with so well. This area is pretty getto.....there are some places we cant go at night....and by the end of the day we smell like smoke! YAY. haha But the people are very humble, very open to hearing the gospel. We taught so many lessons last week I lost count. We have baptisms every weekened for a couple of months. Its so different for me to be in an area like this. 
We have an investigator whose name is Felisha. She is so ready for baptism its exciting. After we taught her the word of wisdom she stood up, marched over to her fridge, pulled out all of her beer cans and poured them out!! I couldn't believe it I was shocked. 
Elizabeth and Blake Holland got baptized on Saturday. They have been waiting for ten years to be baptized because their dad never gave them permission. The ward decided to have a fast and that very week their dad softened his heart and let them be baptized. It was a beautiful service. :) It was a neat experience to teach them as well because they had been going to church for so long. Happy days!
One more thing before I end this email, I had a really cool experience on Monday. Sister Nelson got poison Ivy last week and it got really really bad and Monday night she broke down and cried out "Sister, I need a blessing" We called our Ward mission leader and he hurried and got Brother Nielson to come and help with the blessing. When we walked into his house he told us that his children were sleeping so we had to whisper. It was neat though because the whispering made it really sacred. The spirit was sooo strong. And as soon as they placed their hands on her head and gave her a blessing I began to cry. The words that effected me the most was when he said "by the melckezidick priesthood in which I HOLD" We, the restored church of Christ HAVE THE AUTHORITY, PRIESTHOOD authority of God to perform these sacred ordinances and blessings. AMAZING. I have a strong testimony in that and am so grateful for the blessings of the priesthood in my life.
I love the gospel. I love this work. I love my Savior. And I love Y'ALL :)
Love sister samesa.


New Address 1008 Willow Dr, Apt #301 Fort Worth, Texas 76120


Thought I would just start off this letter by informing y'all that I got a transfer call this morning. I'm heading to River Trails in Fort Worth on Wednesday!!! :) :) I have to admit though, my heart is so sad to be leaving Hewitt. I have grown to LOVE the people here. I adore my ward and will be sad to not see a couple of my investigators get baptized!! But I am so excited to go move forward!! Nice new start in a new area with a new companion :) My new address is 1008 Willow Dr. Apt # 301 Fort Worth Texas, 76120. Yee-Haw! :)
I have watched a couple temple dedication celebrations and they are AWESOME! :) So amazing the things they do and put together. The spirit is So strong. Really neat that Gray had the opportunity to perform in it!

I actually haven't gotten sick once on my mission! :) It is SUCH a blessing! I have gained weight though...that's another story. haha anyway, I was looking at my contacts and I do need more after the month of May. How exciting for Kylee to be going to BYU. Honestly I think she is going to want to stay there. She going to make lots of friends and really love campus and everything. I have been thinking about finishing up my associates up in Idaho and then transferring down to Provo...I don't know yet though... just a thought. That's exciting that Gray and Kodi want to go there though. I think that will be SO wonderful for them.
Last week was ....a little crazy. Monday night me and Sister Nelson went on exchange with our Sister Trainer Leaders in Gatesville. Wednesday we had District meeting, and Sister Nelson found out that she is training a new missionary so she had to attend a meeting up in fort worth, so I had to spend the day with the Spanish sisters....it was pretty cool :)
Sister nelson got poison Ivy on her arms!! It  was so bad we had to take her to the doctors and get it handled. Its looking a bit better now but I will send you some pics so you can see.  The weather is really weird here.......is was around 80 degrees on Friday and then yesterday there was a terrible ice storm! My body cant get used to anything so I just feel like a big whimp! haha

Here are some pictures ENJOY! :)


Chili Cook Off Judge

I just want to preface this letter by telling y'all about a wonderful experience that I had with gaining a testimony of Service. Lydia is one of our investigators that we have been trying to work with for quite some time. We have stopped by for months now and she has never had time for us to come in a share the gospel with her! :( Every time were see her though we always ask "Is there anything we can do for you?" and the most common response we get from people as missionaries is "I think I'm fine, but thanks anyway!" Over and Over we asked if we could help and she keep rejecting our offer. Finally instead of asking her me and Sister Nelson decided to go over and rack her leaves while she was at work. I told you about the experience we had last week when she came home and asked how we knew she was having a bad day. We weren't able to finish that night so we set another time to come finish when she was home because she wanted to help. We went again last Friday and were able to get to know Lidia and show her that we love her :) After we finished we asked her if we could share a message with her. A huge smile came on her face as she accepted our offer. HORRAY! That next lesson was so amazing. And it occurred to me after we got in the car that the only reason why she let us FINALLY come and share the gospel with her was because we served her. We showed her we loved her and gained her trust. This is something I think members of the church need to realize is how to begin doing missionary work. Is meeting people, serving them, and gaining their trust. Once this is accomplished when we invited them to a ward social, church, or lessons from the missionaries they will be more willing to accept. :)
Sounds like Kylee's Senior year is coming to an end so soon! Sad for you and mom. BUT many grandchildren to come :) :)  Thank you for those pictures of the twins! they are just too cute :) missing them. Is Steph working anymore??? Sad for her that she is so sick. HAWII!!! :) That is so exciting! :) :) Do you think any of your converts would still be there and remember you?? You could show us around the areas where you served and all that! FUN FUN :) I think it will be good for the fam to go on a little trip :) Missin you guys.
Friday the ward had a chili cook off! We and the Elders in our ward were the judges. The Elders did the chili and Corn bread while we did the desserts!!! (You probably know how thrilled I was to be doing that :) haha) I was so impressed to see how many of our ward members brought friends! :) Me and sister Nelson were dashing around the gym trying to talk to as many non members as we could! Our ward is SOOO wonderful :) very involved in the work. Our most progressing investigator is the girlfriend of one of the members. Her name is Tobi Mooney. She is sixteen and SOO cute. Cute little country girl and she just has the biggest heart! We set a date with her last night for April 26th! I have total confidence that as she continues to attend church, pray sincerely, and feast upon the words of the Book of Mormon that she will be ready for that day! She was so excited last night when we set it with her. She said I want to do it when "my missionaries" (that's us :) ) will be there!! I started crying and told her that I was probably leaving next week. Transfers are next week and its most likely that I will be leaving good ol waco :( So sad! I love it her. And it sad to think I wont see a couple of investigators get baptized! BUT there are others waiting for me in other parts of Texas!
Me and sister Nelson did ....A LOT of gardening this week with people! ...I realized that I had never done this before?? haha......I learned a lot of new things :) When I get home I want to do that okay?
I'm so grateful that my family loves the gospel. We were put in families in order to help one another learn in this life and come closer to our Heavenly Father. Thank you for your testimony and your deep love for Christ. I know he lives. He loves us. And the atonement makes his beautiful plan possible! and REAL! :) LOTS OF LOVE!
love sister porter


Service is the key


It is a BEAUTIFUL day today. I just love seeing the sun and feeling it on my face :) Tell Kylee that I'm cheering her on for her last game!! Cant believe Senior night for basketball is over......Makes me a little sad to think how fast time is going. My Zone leader, Elder Crandall, said that his aunt works with you? I don't remember her name.....What movie are y'all thinking about seeing?? Sounds like a fun day :)

Last week FLEW by. We had so much going on. We had Zone training on Wednesday and Zone conference on Friday. Zone conference is the big one we have every three months with all the missionaries in the area. IT WAS AMAZING :) it usually last about seven hours. We talked a lot about how to get our members more involved with the work. Sister Reiher had us over on valentines night for pizza and some blue bell ice cream. Did we eat blue bell growing up? Because....its the most amazing ice cream on this earth! We taught Ailynn about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. She is progressing just peachy :) Her baptism date is for June 14th. Its pretty far away but we prayed about it and it felt like the right day. Saturday night we were going to knock some doors in a neighborhood that we had previously picked, but we felt strongly about doing something different. We said a prayer and decided to go rake some leafs for our investigator named Lidia. We borrowed some tools from some members and headed over to her house. After racking for about a half hour, she pulls up into the drive way. She came over to where we were and began to cry. She hugged us and asked "How did you know I was having a bad day?" Its amazing to me how in tune we can be with the spirit. If we are doing all that we can to keep Gods commandments and live righteously, the impressions that come to our minds are true and pure. :) 

There is a story that our mission president shared with us in our training and it goes something like this: 
      One time in the heat of a terrible battle the commanding officer asked a young private to deliver a message across enemy lines to the General at headquarters. The private took the envelope and said, “I’ll try Sir.” The commanding officer placed his hand on the shoulder of the young soldier and said, “I don’t want you to try, I want you to deliver this message.” So the young soldier stood a little taller and said, “I’ll do my best Sir.” The commanding officer stopped and sharpened his gaze and said, “I don’t want you to do your best, I want you to deliver this message.” To this the young private took a deep breath, stood as tall as he could and said, “I’ll do it or die Sir.” The commanding officer then placed both his hand on the young man’s shoulders, looked directly into his eyes and said, “I don’t want you to die, I want you to deliver this message.” The private responded, “I will do it, Sir.”

What I love about this story is it reminds us that we do those things that are important to us and in the end, we decide what is important. In deciding what is most important, may we always seek to do what the Lord would have us do. He requires our “sacrifice of a broken heart and a contrite spirit.” (D&C 59:8) He needs us to place our personal will upon the alter so we can truly follow him. He needs us to say, “never the less, not my will but thine be done.” (Luke 22:42). This is being consecrated! He doesn't want us to die in the battle or give up the fight, nor does he want us to "just try" but instead he requires us to JUST DO IT. :) And we can do it.

I love y'all with all my little Texas heart!! :) Thank you for the Valentines letter. it was just too cute :) I miss you guys more than you could know! LOTS OF LOVE! 

Pic 1: Making a cake for valentines day :) 
Pic 2: We roast marshmallows ........in our oven