Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First Baptism-----So Happy Happy Happy!

First of all I just want to start off by saying that I love ya'll so much. I am so thankful to have such a supportive family back home who are thinking about me. Second thing, I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM ON SATURDAY!!!!:) :) :) :) oh my goodness it was such a wonderful day. I cant even begin to tell you how happy I am! It is one of the neatest experiences to see someone you had been teaching become a member of the church! The service went so awesome! I like....bawled that morning before we went! Everything went so well. Heidi Starr and Cory Carrol gave a talk. went really well. She was comfirmed yesterday and ah.....just so cool to see someone we had been teaching become a part of the true church:) and to think we only met her three weeks ago!! I guess if you know its true---- its true! :)
I got Sister Asay's package. It had candy in it! haha and a cute little picture that Paige drew of a book of mormon and two little sister missionaries  :) and I got yours! I love the shoes! :) I feel awesome running in the morning ;) I want to see that video of Kodi sooo bad! its probabaly too funny. How is everything else going? How do you like working at the new school? How is dad going? Kylee? So weird that she is going to be a Senior!! It is all boing by so fast! The babies are getting so big too! :) Stephine told me that avie was like come dus come dus! and then spanked him coming up the stairs! hahaha thats just too funny :)
We have District meeting every week! It's pretty fun to get with all the other missionaries :) there is actually a girl who just got here who is training that I went to High School with! She is serving in our old ward!  she was like "why does everyone know who you are already down in the ward I am at?" hahaha:)
Our apartment finally got sprayed and we finally got beds!! ah.... I have never slept so good in my life! I hope ya'll are doing good! MISS YOU LOTS! Love hearing from everyone. The gospel is such a blessing. I cant imagine my life without it. I hope to have the chance to bring many unto christ.
-Sister Porter
PS. dont mind how ugly my feet are but look at how funny this tan line is!
PSS. FUNNY STORY! so ....Kimberly took me and Sister Earl to Cheesecake Factory! (psh.....our investigator took us there!) and right as we were about to leave our waiter comes up to us and was like "the guy at the bar was wondering if he could buy you a smoothie!" hahahahah WHAT? apparently he was a return missionary so he knew who we were! :)
PSSS. Kimberly put me andSsister Earl picture in a picture frame and wrote "MY missionaries" that makes me so happy :)

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