Saturday, July 13, 2013

Love Bishop Pepper

Holy moly you guys have been up to a lot of fun stuff lately!! So busy but so fun. You all saw Elder Holland in the temple???!!! I love Elder Holland!!! :) :)  That its so awesome! such a cool experience that you'll remember forever :) I heard ya'll went four wheeling on the 4th!! SO JEALOUS! from what dad told me it sounded like you guys had a good time. HAHAHA I told my roommate about that the other day actually. I said "when I get my package with my shoes I bet you a million dollars their will be candy in it!" haha thank you mommy :)
Is bay showing a little bump? :) I get letters from Dustin and Steph every week!! :) I love her.  She keeps me up to date on their lives over in Springville. She told me they are rocking bikes! That's so awesome! I'm happy to hear everyone is doing good though. I've seen so many people that have said "OH say hello to your parents for me!" I forget all who they are.  Lets see we had dinner at the Donavan's! hahaha .....don't worry we had regular food this time,,,,,,no snails.  Like EVERYONE knows Seth and Dustin. Joe Penock is actually the ward mission leader so that's funny.
I LOVE BISHOP PEPPER! :) he is such an awesome man! He has helped me and Sister Earl out so much how couldn't I do his dishes? haha  It was the least I could do for him and his sweet wife. Yes the bug people still haven't come and sprayed our house yet :( we have been sleeping on those darn air mattresses for two weeks! YUCK. But we should be getting our new beds today and the bug people should be coming today as well.
The work has been good. We have a baptism this week! its on Saturday (July 13th) and I've never been more excited!!!! :) and Bishop "approves" of her so that's good:) She totally a GOLDEN investigator. She comes to all the activities NEVER misses church and she already bought a quad online!! :) It makes me feel good to think that I was able to help her draw closer to her Savior and help her gain a testimony of the church. She is already in Alma of the Book of Mormon! The craziest thing is that she was a referral from Adrian Titera. It goes to show that missionary work is most affective when the ward members help out. Its such a blessing and rewarding experience to join in the work!
We met our new mission president last week! President Ames and his wife are SO AWESOME!! I'm excited for what counsel they have to offer:) He spoke to us about some stuff that was just so powerful!! He was in a meeting a couple weeks before with a couple of the general authorities and one of them proclaimed "The missionary work at THIS TIME and age is just as important and Joseph Smith's vision and the bringing forth of the Book of Mormon!!! When he told me that I got chills! That's so crazy!! But its true with how many missionaries are now going out this could changes everything!! This work will grow so big! :) I'm so excited to help bring the Lords children into this church!
I love ya'll!! :) Have a great week! xoxoxoxoxox -Sister Porter.

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