Monday, January 27, 2014


Mommy I miss you! I totally imagined Kylee running out the door for basketball practice. Is it not  wild to think that your baby is about to graduate? Then no more kids at home. Strange. But exciting for you to see your kids grow.-- Sister Nelson and I just drove down to the urgent care and got it all fixed. The Nurse did tell me that I might have to do something like that, but shouldn't worry about it now. I have been able to sit without pain though which is such a relief! So things are lots better :)
Sad that dad has been sick. Tell him I hope he gets better soon!! The Swine flu is going around.....Everyone in our ward is sick! its crazy, I'm truly surprised we haven't gotten sick yet.......
My heart aches so much for Kodi. A mission is not easy!! you come way out of your comfort zone. It doesn't help either that she doesn't get along with her companion. THAT is very stressful. I'm so grateful that I have been able to have this opportunity. I have learned SO much and my life has changed significantly. I wouldn't take this back for the world! Yes, times have been challenging, and the only way I have been able to get through them is through the love of my Savior. What a wonderful truth, the Lord is on our side! :)
My sweet mother, How have you been? When thinking about what dad had gone through I realized how much you probably had to deal with. I admire you. You are courageous and strong. Thank you for being such a great mommy!
Last week we drove up to this little town called Hillsboro. This is where our district leader and his companion serve. One of their recent converts needed some help with their yard and so our district got to go help! It was a full day event and MAN do I love getting dirty and working hard! I love provided service it makes me so happy.
Little old Dorothy (the lady who wrote you guys) called us one evening after having a wonderful experience at the open house, and left us a voice mail announcing that she had something important to tell us!! We, being typical missionaries thought she was ready to get baptized!! So we call her up she starts telling us about how wonderful the open house was and how she felt the spirit and all that. But then she says "BUT that's not why I'm calling!" So then she talks about how she got really sick and how her daughter took her to the doctors and all that. And then she says "BUT that's not why I'm calling either!" haha so we are just freaking out a little wondering if she was ever going to get to the point! haha SO FINALLY she says that when she signed the guest book for the open house she didn't know she would become ill. And so she was worried that she infected our whole congregation!!! She is so sweet!! but it was just too funny we couldn't stop laughing :) I love old people. They are just wonderful.
I am happy to announce  that I will be staying Hewitt for this next transfer! :) I am very excited to be serving in this area right now on my mission. I LOVE this part of being in an area, where things begin to pick up and you absolutely enjoy and appreciate the members of your ward. Our ward mission leader is fantastic, our ward members are very involved in this work, and the Lord is very much so on our side :) Veronica White is a lady in our ward that's son was less active. He has a girlfriend named Tobi (not a member) who has come to church the last couple of weeks with him and his mom. One night when an appointment fell through, we had the thought to go stop by their house. They happily invited us in and everyone gathered in the living room. We got talking to Tobi, and she told us a lot about how much she knows about the church and how much she likes it. She told us she was ready to take the missionary discussions. This was very exciting news to me and sister Nelson! Mostly because I saw the blessings of being patient. We had heard about Tobi being interested in the church a couple of months ago. If we would have pushed taking lessons at that time, I know with fact that she wouldn't have been as receptive. But during those couple of months she explained to us that she had the opportunity to feel the spirit after having a discussion about the church. She had never felt this way before and said she would do anything to have it again. So she decided to attend church. And sure enough she had felt that happiness inside once more. God prepared her. She is ready more than ever. This reminds me of Jacob chapter 5 when the Lord of the vineyard see's that his tree's have gone bad, and when he thinks all has failed the servant then says "let us wait a little while longer" I LOVE THAT. Jesus Christ will NEVER give up on us. Even he has to have patience. So we must too, in order to reap the blessing which are in store for us:)
Addie's baptism was on Saturday and I got to talk to her about baptism :) I loved it. I just love that she wanted me to do it for her. 
Hope all is well in the porters home! Wish the babies happy birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful week! lots of love! 
-Sister Porter  



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