Monday, January 27, 2014

A Trip to Gatesville

First things first (for mom's sake) I went into the doctor on Saturday and they diagnosed me with a pilonidal  cyst. OUCH! She said its due to my spinal cord growing more than it should it caused my skin to create a hole in my tail bone area and produced infection. I am SO thankful that was all it was. But it has been a pretty painful ride. They put me on some antibiotics that I have to take four times a day for ten days. Apparently even after they got all the information from mom's insurance it didn't cover it, they said it was becuase it wouldn't cover me because I live here in Texas......You should check that out???  Because that would stink if it wasn't even covering me. BUT they got me a discount .......20 dollars instead of $130.....tender mercy of the Lord. Ah stressful, but now all is better :)
My first youth conference was in Aspen Groves :) and I loved it soooo much! So I can imagine what a blast it was. Clever idea to have that magician come. Sounds cool. Sad that Kylee didn't get to go! But sounds like she is just rocking the basketball court. Those pictures mom sent me of kylee are great!! I love the one of here running through the tunnel thing when they call her name :) made me laugh. Ya, I remember talking to that missionary before he left. We were at the Hurst Stake Center for transfers me and Sister Nelson were able to talk to him.
 Me and Sister Nelson went on exchanges with our wonderful sister trainer leaders in Gatesville, Sister Grimnies and Sister Ewing. It was really fun, Gatesville is TINY! haha we switched on a Sunday so I got to attend their ward. Actually it was a branch. There were maybe ten people in sacrament meeting. Isn't that crazy?? An old guy named Sam sat next to me during the meeting and he was so funny!! During the sacrament he turned around and started yelling to the lady behind her "HOWS YOUR SISTER DOING?!!". I could contain my laughter, it was pretty great :)  This was my first time to leave Hewitt for an exchange. I came to more appreciate my area! I missed it so much I was crying in happiness when I arrived back! Don't get me wrong, I loved being in Gatesville for a day, but it really opened my eyes. I am so thankful to be serving in the Hewitt ward at this time in my mission. My ward is wonderful and there are so many amazing things to come forth here! :) The new chapel here in Waco had an open house this weekend and a beautiful art gallary of photographes done by a mormon photographer (I dont remember his name) were presented. Although we didnt have the oppritunity to attend we found that lots of our investigators and less actives were able to make it!! It really changed their perspective of the church to see all those inspring photos of Christ :) Lots of people were at church the next day :)
Nothing too exciting happened this week. Thursday night we were walking to contact some potential investigators when we heard this little old mexican lady shout out "KITTTYYY!!" ....."KITTTY WHERE ARE YOU!" haha I dont know why it was so funny but me and Sister Nelson just died laughing :) maybe just her cute little voice yelling that or that she started freaking out becuase her kitty was gone.
Sister Morley (sweet older lady in our ward) drove us to Burkeville Friday morning to help teach our investigator Tina the plan of salvation. IT was such a spiritual lesson. When we got to the atonement I looked at sister Morley and asked her how it had affected her in her life. She shared a sad story about when she face depression and she thought everything was lost until she realized that Christ understood what she was going through. Tina begins to bawl and of course me and Sister Nelson started crying and so its just this huge cry fest! She committed to come to church next week and said she would be baptized after she read and prayed!! POWERFUL STUFF!
I hit my half way mark in about a week. This makes me so sad. There is so much to be done and not enought time to do it!! It made me think about what you told me in one of your letters that you sent me for christmas. "dont sweat the little things becuase life is too short" WELL so is my mission! and So I'm grateful that I love it :) I LOVE being a missionary. No words can describe the joy that fills me. And it makes such a difference to have such a supporting and loving family back home!! LOTS OF LOVE to my sweet family.
Pic one and two: this is the new chapel! isnt she a beauty? ;) and this is the open house sign.
Pic three: this is called an oreo cow :) ONLY IN TEXAS....right? :)

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