Monday, June 16, 2014

The Kimballs


I went to the doctors twice. First time was when they called you for the card information. The second time was because it was infected again and that’s when she told me I needed to get it removed. So she prescribed me some Bactrim (I think I spelled that wrong) It was really cheap though so ...I don’t know. Copay was about 35 dollars. I can send you all the papers they gave me if you’d like? they shouldn’t be charging you.....

AND thank you for the pills. I started crying when you sent them to me. I just know that you’re so worried about me and that you’re watching over me. Heavenly father has blessed me so much to have such a loving mother. I love you. They have been making it feel weird though.....oozing a lot more and shoots pain down there randomly. Just tickles me that you texted sister Rasband :) That’s awesome missionary work! When others know that you love and care for them they are more willing to open to an invitation to the gospel :)

Looks like the graduation was a blast :) I can’t believe summer is here. Just waiting for the heat to arrive. It might be a cooler summer though because of the bad winter we had. Cross our fingers! 

Wowow Gray is getting married!!!! what! that is crazy!! How long has he been a member? Do they have plans of where they are gonna live? does her work? Is she working? doing school? I feel like I need even a couple years when I get home before I get married. haha

Im so sad that your so lonely :( Don’t worry I will be home sooner than you know and we will do everything together! :) 

Nothing too exciting happened this week! We helped our recent convert move into a new apartment last Tuesday. She has over 200 hundred shoes!!!!! isn’t that crazy?? I couldn’t believe my eyes! I found a pair that I liked that she wanted to give me :) hehe. I love her. She is such a faithful members. She is working on her family history so she can take her mom and dads name to the temple! oh how glorious this work is. I love it with all my heart.

Shana didn't end up getting baptized this Saturday :( We were all ready and excited Saturday morning when we get a text from her proclaiming that she didn't want to get baptized anymore. We dropped everything we were doing and drove to her house. We talked with her for a little bit and then went to our knees in mighty prayer to the Lord. The spirit was so strong it was unbelievable. After we finished she looked at us and told us she knew now that this was what god wanted for her. We rescheduled her baptism for next week. Keep her in your prayers. Some women in the ward gave us some money to buy her a dress for her baptism because she doesn't own one :( I'm excited to see her face when we give it to her :) 

I got a letter from one of my investigators in Waco who got baptized! :) She told me she was so thankful for me introducing her to the gospel. Made me beyond happy. :) so grateful that I can do the lords work. 

Ill end my letter with a cool story. Yesterday for third hour of church we combined with the priesthood for a presentation about the pathways program. We sit down and some service missionaries start talking to us about it. when I look up to see who it was I was so confused. THEY LOOKED SO FAMILIAR! Then they introduced themselves as Sister and Elder KIMBALL!!! :) :) :) haha. After the program was done I went up to sister Kimball and asked if she recognized me (I was covering my name tag so she couldn't read who I was) She looked at me for a second. I took my hand off my tag and she gasped while putting her hand on her mouth! Samantha! oh my goodness her and brother Kimball were so excited to see me in Texas! haha brother Kimball hugged me twice he was so happy. After we finished catching up Brother Kimball told me to tell dad that he loves him a lot and is so thankful for all the hard work he does. They send you both lots of love. Isn’t that soo neat. I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day. Feels so good to see everyone :) I really hope they call me to Mansfield for my last area. I really feel I could do some good work. Brother and Sister Kimball told me to come down and baptize the Grena’s haha.

Miss and love you.

-Sister Porter 

 The Kimballs

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