Friday, June 27, 2014

Pickle Helped Us Out

Family -----06/22/2014
Oh your letter just made me cry! Its amazing to hear that you followed the prompting of the Lord and invited this dear sister to partake of the blessing of coming to church!! You planted a VERY important seeed :) In time her eyes will be opened :) Gives me some missionary work to do when I get home ;) hehe.

Sounds like from dads email that things are going well! Keeping busy. The summer is going by so fast. It actually was very beautiful day today. It started off with rain but now its all sun shiny :) I don't have a lot of time on the computer today we are running a little behind on schedule.

Nothing too exciting happened this week. Thursday night we were out and about trying to contact some people when a little black boy named pickle started following us around. He would knock peoples doors for us. I don't know what he did differently to knock the doors but people were answering! haha he was like a little angel sent from heavenly father!

This morning I was sitting at my desk reading my scriptures when it begin to pour rain. I knelt down to thank my father in heaven for the beautiful weather. I love the little things he blesses us with its amazing :) I also asked him if he would relive me from the pain I have been having in my back lately. Then, while still in kneeling position, I felt someone whisper "Its going to be okay, I know how you feel." It was very real the peace that overcame me. It was as if I had truly experienced for a split second the re assurance that Christ had during his suffering, knowing that his Father in Heaven was going to be there for him. Tears rolled down my face as I tried to comprehend what he went through. I think I "experienced" the reality of the atonement for a second this morning! How glorious to know that we too can live again because of what he did for us. We can be resurrected and clean from sin so that we can enjoy eternal life with our Father in Heaven.

Love my family. So grateful for yall. Missin you.

Love sister Porter

ps. To answer dads question. Ill probably be transferred in two weeks!
pss. Thank you for the package! I loved the skirts tell grandma thank you :) 

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