Friday, August 2, 2013

I Love to See the Temple

Sorry I didn't have the chance to really email you last week! I didn't have much time! But now I have twenty minutes so we will see how much I can write ;)
The sun has bleached the top of my head red and blonde! It is so funny. Everyone keeps calling me the little mermaid. We went to lunch with Sarah a couple of days ago. me and her got to catch up on life! It was really nice to see her. She said the funniest thing! I asked her if when we were younger if she knew I was Mormon.  She said one time she went home and was like "MOM, Samantha Porter's family has so much food! hahahaha they have the biggest pantry I have ever seen with everything in bulk." Me and Sister Earl died laying. Her mom said "Yes its because they are Mormon." haha 
I got cute little letters from some of the primary kids! I love them:) For district meeting Elder Daniel ( our district leader) had a deers head sitting on a chair and for an activity we had to rope it! AND I won! I roped it the most. Everyone kept saying that's not fair she is from Texas! ....psh. I don't even know how to hold the rope properly. 
I went on exchanges this weekend! I got put in Keller for two days serving with Sister Earl's trainer Sister Tullis. Keller is BEAUTIFUL! There is no such thing as little there.  Every single house was HUGE! I guess everything in Texas really is bigger ;) It was fun to work with different people. I think I am allergic to fish...... like seriously! We had some at this family's house when I was on exchange and I felt SOOOO sick after I ate it!
LOGAN IS GETTING MARRIED NEXXT WEEK! oh my goodness that is soo weird.  The whole ward is super excited for him and Margaret:) He calls me mafus every time he sees me and I just love it :) MISSING YA"LL
I cant believe that Emily wants to be baptized! When I read that, I got the chills!! I want to teach her! :) haha That's just so amazing. What a blessing to see her faith. Missionary work is so crucial! I invite you all to reach out to others who are in need of the gospel!  It doesn't hurt to share and you never know! I think about all the blessing in my life and how that could be apart of someone else's as well. And when Emily meets with the missionaries her testimony will grow! She will feel her Savior's love increase and she will gain a more understanding of Heavenly Father's plan for her.
I love to see the temple. I'm going there TODAY.  To feel the holy spirit, to listen and to pray!
We switched our P-Day to today because we will be attending the Dallas Temple today! Our new mission president changed the rules about the temple and now if your with in 45 minutes of the temple and you can find a ward member to take you, you can go every three months! :) I'm so excited. The Carols are taking us (LOVE THEM) I can't wait.
Love ya'll lots! keep me updated on life in Spanish Fark! Is anyone coming down for Logan's wedding?
 -Sister Porter
PS. That is Jessie.  He is 6'7"!! We are working with him right now. He got baptized in New york when he was 12 years old but has not been to church since. He is so funny. He thought I was 27!! .....Do I look 27????........
PSS. This is the last week of transfers! I can't believe I have already been here for three crazy.  Me and Sister Earl have a feeling that she is going to be leaving :( So I probably will get a new companion next week so I'll keep you posted! I might be training too!!
PSSS. I LOVE YOU mommy for being so concerned about me. I'm doing great though! If I need anything I will let you know :) But I'm just so thankful to have such a supportive family back home. its so amazing. Oh and you know  Sister Alverez (last name)? She knew you when I was just a little baby! She is a sweet heart! she has sent me two care packages with tons of stuff in them!!! I sent her a thank you letter but give her my thanks again!

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