Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Be Not Afraid

First of all! I LOVE YOU! and missin ya'll alot! Sounds like everything is going well up in Spanish Fork! I want to see Kylee's Dress! She probably looks so beautiful! I can't believe she is a Senior.  I remember when she was just a little sophomore. How time flies. GO BYU! haha:)
Transfers are next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh oh my goodness. I have a strong feeling that I will be leaving Arlington. Sad to leave this awesome ward and all the friendships I have made BUT ready to serve the Lord elsewhere! It gets harder the longer you are in an area. Any guesses on where I'll go? :) EXCITING NEWS: We get the opportunity to have Elder Anderson come speak to us this week! :) :) :) I am just so excited!! I have been preparing myself for this day for a while! I have a feeling that he is going to announce the usage of internet! That would be so amazing! SO many new changes and things that would have to happen.
Last night the Andersons had us over for dinner. I love Jennifer she is so sweet! She comes out with us sometimes to help us teach. I asked her if she was thinking about going on a mission and she said "NO! Im serving enough of a mission by going out with ya'll!" haha shes too funny. Me and her were talking about how we used to leave recess early to go eat with Kylee the girl who had cancer in 5th grade.  We talked about that for a minute and for some reason the spirit just overcame us. We both began to cry! The Lord confirmed to us that he was thankful for the kindness we showed to Kylee. She was a daughter of god and she was our sister. SO awesome.
Kimberly is doing so great!! :) She and Adrian Titera are dating!! WHAT! that is so weird for me because I know him and I taught her. haha small world. She got her temple recommend and attended the temple last Tuesday! I was just too happy! It feels good to see her come so far from when we first met her. I made a difference in her life and her future generation! Well the Lord did! I couldn't have done any of this with out the Lord!
John 14: 24 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let your heart not be trouble, neither let it be afraid!"
I love this. LET US NOT BE AFRAID! the lord has promised us peace. So let us continue in faith to pray unto our father and diligently study our scriptures. Let us not forget these amazing tools he has given us! Let us set our eyes single to the glory of God so that we can qualify ourselves for the work! President Hinckley said "The best antidote for stress is WORK. The best cure for Sorrow is Service and the best medicine for weariness is helping someone else out whom is more tired than you." THIS IS SO TRUE! We must work hard and serve our brothers and sisters! Let us not forget that when we are in the service of our fellow beings we are in the service of our god:) Im so grateful for the gospel in my life. Being on this mission has opened my eyes up to so many opportunities and blessing that I had never seen before. Christ LIVES! he is my Savior my Lord and my Master! he is my friend :)
-Sister Porter
Ps. Thank you sooo much for the support and example you are to me! And thank you for helping me out with money and such. It takes off a whole lot of stress!
Pss. This is a picture of my district. and the other one is of the Elders who split the YSA with us. Elder Bowthorpe is on the left, he is our district leader. and Elder Semideni is on the left and he is 18! so crazy!! And the girl with the blue shirt in the district picture her name is sister Nelson! she went to high school with me! :)

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