Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Address---------Blessed to have the Bartons in Waco

New Address:

Sister Samantha Porter

1700 Breezy Dr., #298

Waco, Texas 76712

FAMILY!!! :)
I cannot believe kylee got in a wreck! STAPLES in her head?! haha oh goodness that girl is crazy. BUT she had a cool little testimony experience. She would be such a good missionary! glad she is doing okay. what did ya'll get her for her birthday? Her and Mitch seem pretty cute if I might say! :)
I LOVE WACO!!!!:) :) love it! I am serving in the Hewitt Ward. My new companions name is Sister Tuck. She is super sweet and kind. I LOVE HER. We get along just great. Waco is just little counrty city. its tiny compared to arlington. But i really enjoy it here. My apartment it A LOT nicer than the one I was living in before. OH and Jill and Zack Barton are in my ward!!! haha how funny huh? I had no idea who she was until she had us over for dinner and she was like "I KNOW YOU!" small world! We got talking and she said that she loved you and dad. She said that when her and Zack were dating that dad bought him a Braums ice cream gift card and told him to go get her! :) haha sounds like dad to me. Shes so cute I love her. She is a ward missionary so she will be coming out teaching with us a lot.
I love the people here. Its so weird to teach older people and to be in a family ward. ITS so loud during Sacrament meeting. haha. They had a pot luck dinner at the church and a ward talent show on Saturday. It was a lot of fun and I was able to get to know the ward a little more too. Bishop Partin is a great man! So far Im just loving the change! Its good to change it up a bit. One of our investigators, Ricardo, came to church for the first time yesterday. After sacrament he told us that he felt good inside! SO awesome! and he texted us that night and said he was really excited to go to church next week! :)
How's work? how's seth and bay? steph and dustin? how's his leg? Stephanie writes me almost every week. haha Shes so sweet I love her. Anything new going on?
I would love some more stuff for my face! :) :) And I got a watch! No worries. Also my upper right shoulder has been in some serious pain the  past couple of days. ....What should I do? :(
I love ya'll! :) Hurrah for Isreal! I love being a missionary. I love serving my Savior and helping others come unto him. HOW GREAT IS MY CALLING!
Ps. What's Kodis email?
PSS. I already bought more of that deoderant :) but thank you for being a good mommy :)
The picture is  Jennifer Anderson and the other girl was marissa. she is one of our investigators.
A lady in our ward makes these bows!! so cute! :) they are all the disney princesses! I want to get one for avie!

Me and Sister Barton cookin' away!

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