Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Transferred to Waco!

Okay...I got a call this morning from my zone leaders and they told me I was being TRANSFERED TO WACO!!! holy moly!! WHAT! oh my goodness I have such mixed emotions right now. I'm so sad to be leaving Arlington, but SOOO excited to go serve somewhere else!! We called Bishop this morning and he freaked out haha. Him and Sister Pepper want to come say goodbye. Jennifer Andersen wants to take me out to lunch and Kimberly began to cry! so sad! And Leslie and Cory are driving me to the Hurst Stake Center so I can make the switch so I'll be able to say goodbye to them too! It's just so sad! And we have a couple of baptisms coming up! Sad that I wont be able to see them but so happy that they came to know these things to be true! :) Waco is about two and half hours from here apparently and its pretty getto. So ..... I'll let you know how it goes! My new companions name is Sister Tuck. And I will be the Senior companion! So excited! :) :)
Elder Anderson and Elder Callister from the 70 came and spoke with us on Wednesday! It was the most amazing thing ever. I couldn't contain my joy! My face hurt afterwards because I was smiling so much! Before he spoke to us we were able to all go up and shake his hand! and as he shook my hand I couldn't have been more proud to be a missionary! He looked into my eyes and said these very words "thank you for all that you do Sister Porter!" ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! :) I feel my Saviors love. He talked to us about trying to fully apply the atonement in our lives.  It was super spiritual and amazing. I'm so thankful for living prophets and apostles!
We helped a girl named Ashley from our ward move into a new apartment the other day. As I was moving very little of what she had into her new apartment I began to cry. Her apartment was so tiny and she shares it with her brother (who is against the church) and his girlfriend who has four children. Ashley sleeps on the floor some nights and only owns a couple of clothing items. How could I help my dear friend? Ashley my friend with so little gives so much. I know she loves her Savior, and is so thankful for the gospel. She said this to me "I was baptized a year ago. Before then I was lost. With all I had, I had nothing. But with the gospel I have the world."  She is such a great example to me and I really experienced a humbling time while helping her. I'm SOOO grateful for the life I have and the person I am. I truly feel my Saviors love.
The Carrols had us over for dinner on Friday and invited one of our investigators and her boy friend (who is a member) Her name is Madeline and she is so cute! But it was such a fun time to sit around the dinner table, having a home cooked meal, and laughing with everyone. haha Cory's dad said the funniest thing! Cory joked that he really like eating frosting all by itself. And I got excited and said "ME TOO!" Brother Carrol looked at me with a big smile and said " I knew I got married to early!!" hahahahahahahaha We died laughing I couldn't believe he said that!
KYLEE LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! oh my goodness! I cant believe she already had homecoming. Time is flying by! I'm so happy they won their game too! It feels good to win. Do you think they will make it to state this year? how's work? I think its so fantastic that ya'll called Brother Cook to be the Ward Mission leader! He will do great things for the mission efforts! Where are the two missionaries that spoke on Sunday serving?
I love and miss ya'll! Hope you have a wonderful week I will let you know next week how everything goes with transfers! wish me luck!
-Sister Porter
Ps. The reason why no one ever post pictures from dinner and stuff and tag you is because we are in a YSA ward. And we only get fed like once a week. And when we do they usually take us out. so ya....but hopefully they will start doing that in Waco! Since its a family ward. OH I got the address for my new area ...... but its at my apartment and we don't have enough miles to go all the way back to get it so I will have to give it to you next week. Patience is a virtue! :) DID you get Kylee's birthday package?? Did ya'll get her anything fun for her birthday? can you believe she is already 18? so crazy!

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