Monday, March 10, 2014

Chili Cook Off Judge

I just want to preface this letter by telling y'all about a wonderful experience that I had with gaining a testimony of Service. Lydia is one of our investigators that we have been trying to work with for quite some time. We have stopped by for months now and she has never had time for us to come in a share the gospel with her! :( Every time were see her though we always ask "Is there anything we can do for you?" and the most common response we get from people as missionaries is "I think I'm fine, but thanks anyway!" Over and Over we asked if we could help and she keep rejecting our offer. Finally instead of asking her me and Sister Nelson decided to go over and rack her leaves while she was at work. I told you about the experience we had last week when she came home and asked how we knew she was having a bad day. We weren't able to finish that night so we set another time to come finish when she was home because she wanted to help. We went again last Friday and were able to get to know Lidia and show her that we love her :) After we finished we asked her if we could share a message with her. A huge smile came on her face as she accepted our offer. HORRAY! That next lesson was so amazing. And it occurred to me after we got in the car that the only reason why she let us FINALLY come and share the gospel with her was because we served her. We showed her we loved her and gained her trust. This is something I think members of the church need to realize is how to begin doing missionary work. Is meeting people, serving them, and gaining their trust. Once this is accomplished when we invited them to a ward social, church, or lessons from the missionaries they will be more willing to accept. :)
Sounds like Kylee's Senior year is coming to an end so soon! Sad for you and mom. BUT many grandchildren to come :) :)  Thank you for those pictures of the twins! they are just too cute :) missing them. Is Steph working anymore??? Sad for her that she is so sick. HAWII!!! :) That is so exciting! :) :) Do you think any of your converts would still be there and remember you?? You could show us around the areas where you served and all that! FUN FUN :) I think it will be good for the fam to go on a little trip :) Missin you guys.
Friday the ward had a chili cook off! We and the Elders in our ward were the judges. The Elders did the chili and Corn bread while we did the desserts!!! (You probably know how thrilled I was to be doing that :) haha) I was so impressed to see how many of our ward members brought friends! :) Me and sister Nelson were dashing around the gym trying to talk to as many non members as we could! Our ward is SOOO wonderful :) very involved in the work. Our most progressing investigator is the girlfriend of one of the members. Her name is Tobi Mooney. She is sixteen and SOO cute. Cute little country girl and she just has the biggest heart! We set a date with her last night for April 26th! I have total confidence that as she continues to attend church, pray sincerely, and feast upon the words of the Book of Mormon that she will be ready for that day! She was so excited last night when we set it with her. She said I want to do it when "my missionaries" (that's us :) ) will be there!! I started crying and told her that I was probably leaving next week. Transfers are next week and its most likely that I will be leaving good ol waco :( So sad! I love it her. And it sad to think I wont see a couple of investigators get baptized! BUT there are others waiting for me in other parts of Texas!
Me and sister Nelson did ....A LOT of gardening this week with people! ...I realized that I had never done this before?? haha......I learned a lot of new things :) When I get home I want to do that okay?
I'm so grateful that my family loves the gospel. We were put in families in order to help one another learn in this life and come closer to our Heavenly Father. Thank you for your testimony and your deep love for Christ. I know he lives. He loves us. And the atonement makes his beautiful plan possible! and REAL! :) LOTS OF LOVE!
love sister porter


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