Monday, March 10, 2014

New Address 1008 Willow Dr, Apt #301 Fort Worth, Texas 76120


Thought I would just start off this letter by informing y'all that I got a transfer call this morning. I'm heading to River Trails in Fort Worth on Wednesday!!! :) :) I have to admit though, my heart is so sad to be leaving Hewitt. I have grown to LOVE the people here. I adore my ward and will be sad to not see a couple of my investigators get baptized!! But I am so excited to go move forward!! Nice new start in a new area with a new companion :) My new address is 1008 Willow Dr. Apt # 301 Fort Worth Texas, 76120. Yee-Haw! :)
I have watched a couple temple dedication celebrations and they are AWESOME! :) So amazing the things they do and put together. The spirit is So strong. Really neat that Gray had the opportunity to perform in it!

I actually haven't gotten sick once on my mission! :) It is SUCH a blessing! I have gained weight though...that's another story. haha anyway, I was looking at my contacts and I do need more after the month of May. How exciting for Kylee to be going to BYU. Honestly I think she is going to want to stay there. She going to make lots of friends and really love campus and everything. I have been thinking about finishing up my associates up in Idaho and then transferring down to Provo...I don't know yet though... just a thought. That's exciting that Gray and Kodi want to go there though. I think that will be SO wonderful for them.
Last week was ....a little crazy. Monday night me and Sister Nelson went on exchange with our Sister Trainer Leaders in Gatesville. Wednesday we had District meeting, and Sister Nelson found out that she is training a new missionary so she had to attend a meeting up in fort worth, so I had to spend the day with the Spanish was pretty cool :)
Sister nelson got poison Ivy on her arms!! It  was so bad we had to take her to the doctors and get it handled. Its looking a bit better now but I will send you some pics so you can see.  The weather is really weird was around 80 degrees on Friday and then yesterday there was a terrible ice storm! My body cant get used to anything so I just feel like a big whimp! haha

Here are some pictures ENJOY! :)


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