Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Hardest Week Of My Mission

It’s amazing to me each time I sit down to email how fast the weeks go by. When you’re working hard as a missionary the time just flies right past you.

What a week. Sister Sylar and I looked at each other this morning with the relief and or excitement of a new week. I love coming home at the end of each night being so worn out physically and spiritually. HOW GREAT :) I can then kneel down before Heavenly Father and say "I did it" :) Although a rough week, I was very grateful for the challenges, for they made me so much stronger. I learned many things. One being that every soul is great in the sight of God. This part of Fort Worth is very poor and lonely. I have seen so many homeless people. I have seen so many broken families. I have seen so much sadness within this area. I have truly learned to love every single person because I have a testimony and deeply feel that love that god has for all his children. We are brothers and sisters, what an amazing statement.

This probably was the hardest week of my mission. We did great work don’t get me wrong, BUT there was a lot of scary and heart ache moments. We started talking to this man on his door step for a couple minutes when his wife came out and started cursing us out and telling us to get off of her property. Then he ran over to her and shoved her to the ground! We just gasped and stood there in complete shock. I had never felt so sick; I knew we needed to get out of there FAST. We told him we had to leave so we ran away. Then when we were walking up the street to our car a big group of people were just beating each other up. Like, literally killing each other. We hurried into the car and just started crying. I couldn’t believe how much hate people had for one another. THEN to just top the night off, one of our less actives called us and told us she was going to commit suicide! We stayed on the phone with her for about an hour trying to occupy her while we got help. IT WAS SO SCARY. L ……haha BUT on the brighter side we met some awesome new investigators and had a really fun activity on Saturday. Its was a family history baseball themed social. One of our investigators named Mike came and LOVED It. He talked to this older man in the ward about the plan of salvation for about an hour! He is totally going to be baptized ;)

I’m very grateful for the experiences I have as a missionary. I miss yall a lot. Cant believe its almost been a year though. We will be seeing each other sooner than you know J

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