Friday, April 11, 2014

Our Load Gives Us Spiritual Traction!

Dear Family,
I looooooooooooooooooved conference!! :) OH it was just wonderful filled my soul with Joy! :) The missionaries always joke about how conference weekend is the best weekend of the mission. haha. Its just nice because we get a little break. I loveeeed all of it. We went to a members home for Saturday and Sunday morning sessions and then for the afternoon we went to the church. Conference is so different as a missionary. By the end of the night you just want to cry because you are so spiritually worn out! I really enjoyed Bednars talk as well. our LOAD gives us spiritual traction :) We have the load to make us stronger. I also really enjoyed Ucthdorfs talk about how we need to be grateful even during the hard times. Like when he said that we should be happy when God gives us rain, not just waiting for the rainbow to come out! Man did I need that talk :) The church is TRUE! :) so amazing.
This week was not too exciting. Katie had her interview with President so shes all good to be baptized this saturday! SO exciting for her:) her mother is flying down from philly to come see! Sister Sylar got pulled over a couple days ago for speeding in a school zone. haha She didn't even realize. The cop was nice though, gave her a verbal warning.
My allergies are getting pretty bad right now. Some members of the ward were really nice to give me some super nice allergy meds. Those have been helping. We also got these things called bountiful baskets from some members. Its a HUGE basket of fruits and veggies that last forever! It feels good to be eating so healthy! :) Such a good deal too. We have been doing green shakes so that I can get my greens in haha. I still cant do salad. We have it almost every meal, I eat it...but its still so nasty!
Im so happy for steph! I think she wanted a girl. That will be so fun for them. I didnt know they were moving though. So crazy! and man those twins are getting SOOO big! I cant belive that. Ya, I think Kylee is ready to move on with her life! haha. I remember how that feels.
Well I sure do love my family. I don't remember who said this in conference but they were saying how families are the treasures of heaven! how amazing :) I 100 percent know that too be true. Can't wait to see my loving family again! lots of love!
-Sister Porter

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