Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Kylee looks so Beautiful!! :) ah I cant believe her senior prom is done and gone. haha that was dances are for to dance the night away ...right?:) I'm glad things are going well in the porter home.
what a week! I picked up my new missionary on Wednesday!! :) Her name is Sister Nielsen She is a cutie!! She is from Orem Utah. hahaha It was such a culture shock for her! She couldn't believe how getto our area was. And she kept saying how much she misses the mountains. BUT she isn't home sick or anything so that is really nice. Our personalities are ....VERY different. She is very quite. We are working on it. Its so fun to see her grow and learn so much. Its a lot harder than I thought it would be but I love the challenge :) I have to just wait during a lesson for her to start teaching its really hard for me because I HATE awkward silences haha. I am learning a lot of patience. We set three baptism dates this week though so that was pretty awesome! :)
STORY TIME: So we had a member from the ward come out with us last Thursday. We had an appointment with an investigator that fell through and all of our back up plans didn't work out. I was stuck. I had a new missionary, a member and no idea what to do! I said a little prayer in my heart for help. While we were walking back to the car to get our area book, a young girl waked passed us. I felt strongly that I should speak to her. BUT I rejected the prompting and kept going. I looked in the area book and found someone that lived in the apartment complex. So we decided to go see if they were home. AND sure enough it was the young girl that I was prompted to talk to. She asked us where we had been because she was ready to get baptized. AMAZING! I definitely learned my lesson........NEVER EVER reject the Holy Ghost. That is how our father in heaven is trying to speak to us. He was helping my but I just didn't listen. Let us continue to find success in acting upon our faith! This is how we can find true happiness :)
There is a really good little clip on that y'all should watch I bawled. SO GOOD. Its called Because of Him. We showed it to the family that had us over for dinner last night. It was amazing. They gave us little Easter sacks :) AND bishop had us over for a little Easter egg hunt. haha It was a blast!
Sorry its such a short letter but we ran out of time today!! LOVE YALL!  

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