Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Smart Phone----What?

Family, March 31,2014

I wanted to start this email by just informing you that I am safe :) This area can get sketchy at times but its really not that bad :) You and Kylee NEED to go and watch the broadcast it was wonderful! Last women's conference and this one talked a lot about covenants and how we are convent women! Im so grateful for the sacred ordinances we make with God so that we can return to live with him again.  I did see sister Eden in the broadcast! I was like "Hey! she is in my ward!"  haha she is so darn cute. I was talking with one of the sister missionaries that came out with me that is attending BYU-I when she gets home, she was saying how she is already looking for housing so that she can get a good one! That is soo soon I cant believe that. I don't even want to worry about that right now. haha I feel like I still have a long time left!

So many things happen in just a week. Every time I read your letters I hear tons of new things happening back home. I think I'm going to have a hard time adjusting to normal life again.

This past week was SO much better than the last so that's good :) Wednesday morning Katie and Bovik got married!! YE-HAWW We got permission to attend as well!! Have y'all ever been to a court house wedding??? .....It is SO strange! haha very different. It was like three minutes long! But I was so happy to be able to support her in that. We were the only ones at her wedding :( so sad. But now that they are living the law of chastity she can get baptized next week!! :)
So about a week ago we called the mission office to order a new phone because ours was super messed up. The night we got it I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when sister Sylar starts screaming!! I hurry and run into the other room to see what was wrong and I find her dancing around with a smart phone in her hand!! hahahahaha we were freaking out!! We thought maybe they ordered the wrong one because we didn't think we were allowed to have those kind! So we called the mission office to see if they messed the order up or something and they informed us that the order was correct! They wanted us to download the gospel library and videos and stuff! We are so excited!! :) haha. It just made me laugh.

We taught captain America the gospel the other day!! we got a picture of him with the little kids :) he unfortunately wasn't very interested. So Angelica Lopez got baptized this weakened :) The Elders in our ward were helping us teach her and her brother. We sang with her "I Stand all Amazed" Her mother was so happy that we did that with her :) All she wanted was to hear her daughter sing. It reminds me of you mom wanting me to sing. I wish I wouldn't have been so shy about it at home. It was just so nerve racking!

This past week my eyes opened to the blessings of Heavenly Father. When you actually look for the good in this life and recognize all the blessing you are givinn through out the day you understand that all the our Father in Heaven wants for us is to be happy. I read a talk this morning from Boyd K. Packer that talked about the spiritual Protection that the Scriptures give us. When we feast upon the words of Christ, it will tell us all things which we should do. It will present a way for our problems to be solved, ways we can learn of the salvation in which a Savior has given us, and find greater peace as we apply the pure and true principals and doctrines of the gospel into our lives. I LOVE the scriptures. God has and always will talk to his children through old and modern prophets. I feel so blessed to know that we can hear from the prophet and his councilors this weekend  and know that what they say is true! because I have gained a witness of its fullness. And have seen the effects of it in my life.

I love y'all SO much! miss you a lot. Easter is coming up! :)

-Sister Porter

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