Monday, July 7, 2014

Tranferred to Weatherford!

So your probably wondering why I didn't email you on Monday. I totally forgot to email you last week to let you know. We changed our P-day for today  so that we could go to the temple with the senior couple in our ward.  oh, how I love the temple I always learn something new when I go. Its amazing. The gospel is true!
So I have some exciting news!! President Ames called me on Monday and told me I was getting transferred to Weatherford! I don’t have the address because he called me a week early. But the exciting part is that he asked me to be a Sister Trainer Leader!! Ahh im so excited and honored! So me and my new companion, Sister Heap, will help a couple of sister companionships with training and supervising the work. We go on exchanges with them and help president with other kinds of work. Yahoo! And he invited me to the Missionary leadership council on Friday. This is an intense meeting. Im pretty excited. Sad to be leaving my trainee and River Trails but ready to work my very hardest. I told president that I couldn’t promise him that I would be perfect but that I would do my very best! He laughed and told me that Heavenly Father knew I would make a great leader. So ill be transferred next Wednesday.
 Mommy :) SO, my back side is totally fine I promise. Those meds helped it feel sooo much better! IT still oozes but doesn’t hurt to sit on it anymore. I keep it as clean as I can. I shower and clean it good every day and i bought disinfectant wipes to use.  My back has just been hurting me lately because I think I pulled a muscle of something. haha silly me. AND I think I might be allergic to bananas….. maybe? Ive been making myself these smoothie drink in the morning and they made me SO sick. I think it might have been the bananas? I have no idea. Ill have to start eating yogurt every day, see if that helps me.

I’m really excited for Uncle Wyatt. This will be SO great for him. Heavenly father shows us he loves us in the strangest ways sometimes doesn’t he? His tender mercies are not random.  Sad for Sadie. I cant even imagine. I feel like a lot of the girls going out on missions are coming home early. It’s a lot harder than you think. Im so grateful that I have been able to be strong enough to endure!  I didn’t even know Dustin was getting surgery until dad told me it happened last week! Awwww haha poor dusty. What's their new address? I would like to send him a get better card. Hows the summer been? Are y'all doing anything fun for the fourth this week? A member was going to have us over for dinner on the fourth but then they canceled … I guess we are spending it alone haha. That’s okay though. Plus the ward social on Saturday is a pool part so we cant go.
Nothing too exciting happened this last week. Just a lot of teaching! :) Ill tell you a funny story. So me and sister Nielsen ran out of toilet paper yesterday and today was our p-day so we had to wait until today to get more. So I had to go to the bathroom in between a teaching appointment so we stopped at a gas station. so while I was in the stall I yelled out to sister Nielsen "You better use the bathroom now because it actually has toilet paper!" and we just started laughing because it totally sounded like something someone in the area would say. haha I couldn't believe I said something like that.
I sure do love my family!! I hope that yall have a wonderful week :)
love sister porter
pic 1: temple with the watts
pic 2: Little kids we are teaching :) said they wanted to be missionaries
pic 3: We clean this ladies house every week and she LOVE pillow pets (if you dont know what that is ask kylee) So one week we walked in to share a message with her and she had two of them sitting on her lap and told us she wanted to get some for us! it was so sweet of her. I love her with all my heart 


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