Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Exact Obedience

July 14, 2014
Has there been any good movies that have come out lately? Every time you send me new pictures of those babies they just look bigger and bigger! I seriously cant believe that The roach girl got baptized! I didn't realize she was already that old!
I feel like we are going to have a lot of fun conversations about the mission when we get home :) Yee im excited!
Reading my scriptures everyday has been such a blessing! Literally has changed my life. Me and sister Heap were having a conversation in our beds last night, She asked me what I was most thankful for that I have learned on my mission. It was a hard one....I have truly learned so much......but I told her that it was the gospel. I didn't realize how much of the gospel I really didn't understand before my mission. I have felt so much closer to my savior as I have felt and experience his life as I study the scriptures.
SO I LOVE weather ford sooooo much! :) It is amazing. A lot different than down town fort worth that's for sure....and The work is a bit slower BUT the people are amazing. I love our bishop (bishop bix) It really impressed me when he pulled me and sister Heap aside and said "the only thing I expect from my missionaries is Exact Obedience" I love his dedication and excitement about missionary work! Our ward mission leader and his wife picked me up from transfers. they are just the sweetest :) Something cool that we are doing with a couple of the ward members is making cards each month for a group of less actives in the ward and just writing them little notes telling them how we miss them and care about them. Its been really neat.
We have a couple of potential people that we are working with. Part member families are just perfect. The fruit really is so low! Me and sister Heap get a long really well! We both came out together so its fun to see how far we have come. One night we were talking and we found out that we both have the exact birthday!! :) haha December 26 1993! We like....couldn't sleep for the next hour we were so excited haha. The leadership has been good we go on our first exchange with our sisters this week. Ill be going to the other area though because I don't know our area well enough yet. We go out with the Cleburn, Azle, Chapel Creek and fort worth sisters. I'm excited....Ill let you know how they go. Last night President Ames held a fireside for all of our recent converts, less actives, and investigators. Oh it was soooo good. There is true power when you testify in the name of Jesus Christ.
Sorry that this email is so short im feeling really tired today cant really think straight. But I sure do love my family. Grateful for all that you have done for me.
Love samesa


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