Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Peach Festival

 July 21, 2014


Me and Sister Heap were just listening to a talk by Jeffery R. Holland in the car ride here to the library. He was talking to the missionaries in Germany in the year 2002. His words were powerful and exciting! One of my favorite stories that he shared was of one taking place in a gospel essentials class during church. The instructor was teaching them about Christ earthly ministry and atonement. He asked one of the girls who was recently baptized about....a year ago, to stand up from her seat. He then asked her "Who do we know that lived on this earth who is was absolutely perfect?" There was a long pause as she stopped to think. The class looked around waiting for her to reply. Then, with tears in her eyes and a soft voice she says "The missionaries who brought me into the Church." 
The response from this young convert really touched my heart. She recognized these missionaries as true servants and representatives of the Lord. As missionaries we are asked to be consecrated. The will of the Father becomes the will of the missionary. If we are wasting and wearing our lives in the quest of bringing his children unto him we will be seen as a true disciple. 

haha there really is no such things as pioneer day here in texas. But here in Weatherford there is this thing called the Peach Festival. It was nuts! tons of people were there selling random things and of course ....peaches! SO....me and Sister Heap got our truky calls!! and in a couple of weeks we will be getting out truky packages with all of our plane information and stuff. :( I cant believe that time has already come. 
I was able to go on my first exchange as a Sister Trainer Leader this past week! :) It was such an amazing experience! Its exciting to see the miracles that can happen when you have faith! I was able to spend 24 hours in Azle with Sister Powell. Right from the get go we were able to sit down to lay out our goals and expectations for the exchange. It made such a difference to work with those in mind. True purpose. Sister Powell is doing AMAZING. She has such a sweet spirit and a desire to make a change in Sister Larsen's life. 

THANK YOU FOR THE TICKLE ME PICK PACKAGE it really was too cute :) I loved it soo much. And yes you got the right shirt :) thank you. 
I guess ill end with a neat experience! :) While Sister Heap and Sister Larsen were making their way back to Weatherford, they saw a young man, about 19, holding a suitcase and map making his way down the road. Sister Heap got a feeling that she should pull over. They talked with him for a bit and found out that he was going to walk all the way back to Fort Worth!! With immediate shock they called the senior couple, the Algers, in the Azle ward to come get him. They picked him up and invited him to have dinner with them that night before they would give him a ride home. AND it just so happened that they had signed up to have us over for dinner that night as well. We were able to share the restoration with him. He listened with awe as we invited him to learn more. YES YES! please I would love to learn more! :) And it just so happened that he lives in my old area so I was able to give him all the information for the missionaries and the Church. The Lords tender mercies are NOT random! This was no coincidence. The Lord provided a way for the safety and the salvation of this young man! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE! :) :)
Love sister Porter 

Sorry sister heap is really fast at emailing and I feel bad making her wait so the emails have been kind of short :/ I will send you pictures next week! love ya

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