Friday, July 11, 2014

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!

Family ---July 7, 2014
I cant believe they saw that man die!! that is crazy! :( Did you and dad do anything on the fourth?? haha. its was kind of a sacred day for me this year. Thinking about how significant this day was in order for the Restoration to happen! something to think about. what color did you paint your room? Has it been pretty hot lately? Its getting bad over here! hitting hundreds now! Hello summer :)
I think you and dad cry when you read my letters because you are getting old ;) The spirit touches us it special ways. It is really weird to think I only have four months. It doesn't feel real. I think I'm at that point in my mission where it feels like I hardly have any time left but at the same time it feels forever away!
This last week me and Sister Nielsen weren't able to get a lot of work done because I had so many meetings!! MLC's is the one that all the leaders attend. Oh I loved it! it was for sure my favorite meeting my whole mission :) It was inspiring to see all of us have deep discussions together. This mission is growing and the work is accelerating with speed! :) Its wonderful. It also was really to fun to see all the missionaries that I have served around all my mission be together in a meeting :) The mission is more fun the longer you have been out because your more experienced and you know more missionaries! Sister Earl is going home next transfer! and sister Edwards! :( I cant believe it. Time doesn't exist on the mission.
SO Thursday night we were getting ready for bed when some sisters called us and informed us that they had no where to sleep that night! They drove all the way up for a training meeting that morning and were going to stay in town because the other sister had MLC's the next day. They were going to stay the night with a senior couple in our ward but found out they wouldn't be coming home that night due to some busy work down in killeen. haha SO the AP's had to drive all the way over to our apartment to give them air mattresses to sleep on for the night. It was like a little sleep over :) pretty crazy night.
I got an invitation to stephys baby shower. Where is she having it? oh I'm so excited for her :)
Sorry this email is so short Sister Nielsen finished really fast and I don't want to keep her waiting! here is my new address. 2115 Holly Oaks Ln. Apt # 266 Weatherford Tx, 76087
Im so excited! :) ill let you know how it goes!!
I love you with all my heart! hope you have a great week.
-Sister porter 

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