Saturday, August 23, 2014

BYU vs BYU Idaho? Do Be or Not To Be. That is the question

Okay.... thank you for calling the schools and getting that information for me. The last thing is if I do end up going back up to Idaho I need to let them know that I'm a return missionary so that they will switch my track to winter spring so that I can do straight school for that year. But ah...what do you think I should do?? I just really cant decide. I know heavenly father wants me to go to BYU Provo ...I know that for sure. But I just don't know when. I know its the smartest thing to get my associates finished at BYU-Idaho so that whole year doesn't go to waste. I guess here are my reasons for both
BYU-Idaho                                                               BYU-Provo
Already familiar with the school                         be closer to family
love how small it is                                   easier job lined up with dad or pizza
Love the online program that we use                 Lots of friends are in utah
can play volleyball                                       Feel like I need to be there...
Have friends up there                                Can go to sport games
Smart to finish up there
haha I guess I just need some advice.

OKAY enough about school. This week was awesome I loved it :)  we went on exchanges with our sisters in Fort Worth. I went to Fort Worth and Sister Heap stayed here. The sister that I was with does photography so it was fun to talk to her about it for a little bit. I miss it so much! can't wait to pick up that camera again and snap some pictures!
We had zone training this past week as well and I lead the missionaries in a role play where we practiced testifying of each other and better transitions within teaching. it was fun.
We are helping a lady in our ward teach the temple prep class to a recent convert. Its amazing to watch him learn and prepare himself to enter the temple! he is soooo excited! He is 70 years old and lives on a beautiful lake. haha while I was teaching him and helped him connect the dots between the work we do in the temple and the work being done in the spirit world and was like "I CANT THINK ABOUT ANYTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN THIS! most important work in the world!" haha it was too funny. But so neat to see him get so excited about this work. If only everyone saw it like he did! :)
Last night we were driving home from a mission president fireside in Hurst with one of our members and the sky was just bursting into light with all the lightning. Right when we got home a thunder storm began. Oh I love it! :) made me think of when we were little.
I have a little paper star glued on the back of my name tag that says "Great and Noble one."  I just love that phrase. We truly are great and noble ones. We as members of the church have an important work to do. Many are called and few are chosen. why are they chosen? In D&C 121 it says we are chosen because of our righteous desires.  36 That the rights of the priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven, and that the powers of heaven cannot be controlled nor handled only upon the principles of righteousness. And it says we must have love unfeigned. Wdoes that mean? well....feigned means fake so to have love unfeigned it to have true or real love. Do we have real love for those we serve? do we have real love for our Savior?
oh ps I cant believe steph had the baby!!  She is so precious!! oh I just wanna hold her! so cute that they are calling her penny :) tell her congrats!!
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