Saturday, August 23, 2014

ooo I am just toooo excited about baby penny! She is just so beautiful! Its amazing to think she was just barely with our father in heaven getting ready to come down and be a part of our amazing family :) The veil is so thin! 
I basically started bawling when I read about William coming home. Its amazing to see how much he has changed. Its so surreal that it will happen to me so soon. To see my sweet family once more. Love yall soo much and am so grateful though for what I have learned and experiened out here in the field.  I got my drunky package a couple of weeks ago and it has my plane tickets and all. Kind of freaked me out a bit. But I get to write a letter to my president about what I have learned from my mission and what I plan to do with my future. I'm excited to write it and they will make a copy so that I can put it in my binder and take home with me. 
The work is amazing right now. So many things have been happening! Its amazing how people will really open their hearts and listen when you have charity for them. And when your not scared of the truth! The scriptures talk a lot about how we can pray to be filled with this love and I think its beautiful that The savior truly believed that we could love as he did! and we can through his example. 
So Saturday  night we drove down to a little place called cresen to have dinner with the winfrees in our ward. Now ......all I have to say about this neighboor hood was that it blew my mind! The hoses were HUGE and everyone owns a plane like its no big deal! They just drive the planes down the roads and fly off! haha we walked in and sister winfree was like we will start dinner just as soon as brother winfree gets back. So we are sitting there chatting with her for a bit when we hear this loud engine going off and she says "Oh! hes home!! " so we walk into the garage and he pulls in with his plane!! It was nuts and yet it was so normal to them! :) Too funny! OH ALSO YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS BUT.......I fell in love with the salad they gav me!! I LOVED THE SALAD! thats right ...I said it I LOVED iT! So i officially like salad now.....thats all I have to say. 
We got transfer calls this morning and found out that sister heap is leaving :( but she is staying a sister tainer leader so I will still see her at meetings and all so that will be good! She is going to highland station with one of my old companions! AND GET HIS! sister tuck is going to be my companion again!! haha When they told me that I couldnt believe it! Im sooo excited! I served in Waco with her for three months! pretty stocked about this one :) Good things are happening. 
Last night we went to the bishops fireside and shared with the youth this new thing that are mission is doing. Its called 21 tips for better grades! Some guy in colleyville created it and our mission is the only one trying out. its a free service that we provide to people to just sit down with them and go over this chart and make goals with them on how they can improve there studying techniques and stuff like that.  So we did it with the Youth last night and it was pretty fun :) I love our ward so much. I have gotten a long with everyone so fast and so well! And ah I love bishop Rix he is such an amazing person! He has the missionary fire and is ready to work hard! And he always tells us how grateful he is to have sisters in the ward! 
Let us stay true to our faith. The Lord has promised to fight our battle so we need not be afraid! If we are doing all that we can to cherish our covanents and keep our selves single to God then.....what are we to be scared of? "fear not little children for I have overcome the world!" We know that god will win the fight so let us choose this day in whom we will serve! Im grateful that I have a testimoney of this. I know which side i am on, and now its my blessing and my responsiblity to bring others unto him. God wants us to be a powerful people. And all of it falls under the atonement, the power of the priesthood, power of the house of the Lord, the power of his holy scriptures and the power of the Holy Ghost. Now look at these things. Everyone can access the power of the atonement. Which enables all of his children to be free from sin and from death.  But if you look at the other ones we, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints only have these things! These are what are unique and true about our religion, Priesthood, temples, book of mormon and gift of the Holy Ghost. And it is sad to think that no one has these powers! Such precious truths that are gone. If people really knew what they were missing!! We have to share it! We have to help our brothers and sister become a powerful people so that we can stand against our enemy in these last days. 
I have such a deep desire and love for missionary work. Its the most important work we can be doing. Im grateful for eternal families. I know Christ lives and he will come again! 
LOVE YALL WITH ALL MY HEART! i feel your prayers in this work everyday. thank you for your example and your strength, your words of encouragment and support! 
Love sister porter 
ps. Just some funny things I was thinking about the other day. Remember when mom leaned over and asked me to bless the bachelor in my prayer? ahahaha. good times. Love my crazy family :) 

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