Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Faith is a Principle of Power

I want to start this letter with something I found the other night in my journal. This is so amazing touched my heart. As you know I just finished training Sister Nielsen. And before I left her she wrote this in my journal.  
Three months ago 
A gardener I know 
Chose a servant and gave her a seed
she felt unprepared
But the gardener knows all things indeed
Samantha, he said
Please go to the bed
And bury this deep in the ground
With patience and love 
With guidance above
Please help the seed grow all around
Its special, he said
Its got a hard head
But your patience is what it will take
 and sammy I know 
That this seed a great servant will make
With small seed in hand 
The garden spot planned
The servant worked all day and night
But the seed didn't nudge
The shell wouldn't budge
And the servant just couldn't find light
"What do I do?" 
The servant withdrew
She hung her head low and cried
Her tears met the dirt
The seed gave a spurt
Its shell with her tears had died
"Sister" it said 
Stop hanging your head
And look how much you have done
my roots are real strong 
My stem is so long
I cant wait to see what I become. 
      She then put a picture of a rose in the crack of my journal and wrote on the back of it 
"This is what I plan to become. Gonna be great all thanks to you!" 
When I read and saw this I just began to bawl. I love the gospel. I have seen it take affect in so many peoples lives. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to train sister Nielsen. She is such a beautiful and strong missionary. 
This week was awesome!! :) We set a baptism date for august 30th with one of our recent converts sisters Kathy. She said her baptism date was inspired because her birthday is on August 31st! She now goes around to all the ward and tells them that she is getting the best gift on her birthday! THE HOLY GHOST! :) how special. God really prepared her to receive the gospel with an open heart. 
We fed a baby goat!! hahahaha. We were eating dinner with a lady in her ward and she seemed really stressed out so we asked what we could do for her so she would be able to relax a little. She thought for a second and then with a big smile told us that we could feed the baby goats!! It was crazy! But know I can say that I have feed a baby goat. The one I fed was nine years old!! I gave it a bottle of juice and then a bottle of milk! It was too funny! loved it :) Sister Heap got goat milk all over her shirt. And we didn't have time to go home and change before out next appointment so....she just had goat milk on her all night. it was pretty funny 
We went on exchange with the cleburn sisters this weekend! Sister Heap went there and I brought back to our area sister Vaha'i! so....Sister vahai has been on the mission three weeks ....and she is from Tonga! so she is learning English!! Its was nuts! I didn't realize how hard it would be to explain to someone how to teach the gospel ...in English! BUT what really inspired me was her dedication. Even though it has been really hard for her she really trusted in the Lord and wanted to work hard. And man....her testimony is SO real and strong. She had everyone crying by the end of one of our lessons. LOVE HER :) 
I love the gospel with all my heart. This life is nothing compared to what are heavenly father has in store for us. The time to prepare is now. I am giving a training on faith to find in our Zone conference this week and will be talking a lot about how faith is an action word. I found something in PMG that I really liked it said "Faith is a principal of power. God uses his power in response to faith"  We truly can do all things with Faith in Jesus Christ. Then us act! What are some ways we can strengthen our faith? My heart felt warm when I saw the picture of you and mom at the temple. 


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