Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Just Do IT!

Lindsay Heap is my companion! :) She did mention that she had lots of family is Arizona...that's too funny. Do you remember who it was?
Sounds like Kylee has experienced some crazy stuff while Ive been out on my mission.....four wheeler accident, dads surgery, Watched a man die at the derby, and now this......poor girl. haha she has seen a lot. It truly is amazing that we have the gospel. what would we do with out it? Life would be purposeless. 
Found out that one of my roommates came home early from her mission due to medical issues. Makes me so sad :( Im am soooo lucky to have been so blessed with good health. I know .....with out a doubt that the Lord is with me. He will always keep us strong.
This week was just FULL of meetings!! Me, sister heap, and the Zone leaders had to plan out our Zone conference for Thursday ...which ended up being pretty good I might say ;) and then Friday we had to drive up to colleyville for the leadership meeting with President Ames SO for zone conference I gave a training on Finding faith to FIND. My theme was the Niki logo, JUST DO IT! :) I talked about how God promises us power if we have faith in Christ. And faith is in action word ....so we have to do something about it! The definition of insanity is Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  Sometimes we have to step outside of our comfort zone and be willing to act upon our faith. STEP away from our "thrones" that we sit upon.
After my training me, sister Heap, and sister Alldrege did a special musical number. It was really cool though. We brought a table a chairs to the front and did the "cup song" (If you don't know what that is ask kylee) with a unique version of there is a green hill far away. It was sooo pretty and so different everyone loved it! President Ames stood up and said give them a round of applause! everyone was cheering haha it was awesome.  Sister Ames I think recorded it and put it on our facebook page. You should check it out. I don't have the link...but just try searching fort worth Texas...I bet you'll find it. I think you would enjoy the page she puts a lot of pictures and writes about what we are doing as a mission.
Then at the end of the other meeting I went to President Ames told everyone that was leaving in two weeks to stand up. After they all were standing he began to cry and told us to clap for all the hard work that they have given to the mission. We began to clap so loud it was amazing we all were just crying and crying. Its amazing the work that we render. The sacrifice we offer as missionaries. We truly are doing the greatest work of all!! there was so much power in that. AH its just so amazing I cant explain the feelings of it. I love being a missionary.
Me and Sister Heap bore our testimonies yesterday....we both felt inspired to talk about eternal families. I talked about an experience I had a couple weeks ago in a meeting where I could have sworn I saw y'all sitting there in front of me. I began to cry and reach out for y'all. A mission is bitter sweet. You dont realize how much you love something until its gone. And then I talked about how it will be like that when we loose a loved one. BUT as I know right now that I will see you again so soon, we will all reunite once more in heaven dressed in white ready and called to the work. Do you feel the reality of Eternal families? ......It is SO real. I know that i will be with my family again. The spirit has pressed that into my soul and has witnessed to me. LOVE YOU>
love Sister Porter
ps. okay....so I'm freaking out a little about whats going to happen when I get home. So for some reason I keep feeling like I need to go to BYU provo......I have prayed about it a lot. Don't think I have gotten an answer yet.....But I don't know what to do....But ...is it too late to apply for the BYU? I think I might have waited too long to act! What do I do? I just....wish I could talk to you about it on the phone. Tell you all the reasons why I want to go to Idaho and all the reasons why I want to go to Provo. My biggest concern is that I need to figure it out soon because I need to start registering and putting money down on an apartment!  Oh it really just makes me sick thinking about it. I feel like I waited too long to start talking about it. WHAT DO I DO?

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