Friday, May 24, 2013

First Letter From MTC----Excitement

We just got one letter from the MTC and then she was off to Texas.  No Mother's Day call because there are just too many missionaries.
Dear Family!!
I miss you guy soo much, but I have been very very busy!  What have you all been up to?  Anything new?  When you told me that Kylee wears my baseball T-shirt to bed every night I started crying!!  KYLEE:  How is school going and still super motivated about your future?  I miss you and hope your doing great!  So the MTC has been quite the roller coaster ride.  Everything is very up tight.  We get up at six so that our district can be in our classroom by 6:50 so not a whole lot of "getting ready" time.  Then all day we study!! We have personal study, companion study, classroom instruction, zone teaching, more classroom instruction and daily planning.  I am so tired!  We go from 6:00 am to 9:30 pm everyday with no breaks.  I have learned so much it is crazy!  Dustin was right about the food----you can get as much as you want and its really good.  Don't worry I have been eating healthy.  We get gym time twice a week for 50 minutes.  There is a couple of leaders and sisters in my district that love playing volleyball so its awesome.  Every morning when I get up and place my name tag on my shirt, I get an overwhelming feeling of joy!  I am so grateful to be a representative of Christ.  I am not going to lie, this is probably one of the hardest things I have done in my life and I am tired.  We have no breaks and we are constantly working hard, but I wouldn't take it back for the world.  I have truly come unto Christ and feel his love.  This work is true and I am so excited to get out to the field and put this work to the test.  I am ready to proclaim and build up the kingdom of Christ.  I love my district!!  The elders are awesome and I have grown to love my companion, Sister Gunson, so very much.  We work very well together.  I can always feels the spirit when we are doing role play.  She is so excited about life and I love it.  I remember one time we were teaching a lesson to a fake investigator and there was a moment when she was teaching and she froze up and didn't know what to say.  She looked at me with great concern and so I turned and just started to teach.  It become very quiet and we all knew that the spirit was there and that it was very strong.  As soon as we finished the lesson I honestly did not remember one thing that I said.  I knew I spoke through the spirit.  Later that day Sister Gunson pulled me aside and started crying.  She was so thankful that I had her back and was inspired with the words I spoke.  I have seen the Lord's hand help me a lot while I have been here at the MTC.  "If you work easy on your mission it will be hard!  If you work hard on your mission it will be east!"  This is my motto and goal.  I know that with the Lord's help I can achieve anything!  So you better believe that I am going to be working hard everyday so I can help people come until Christ.  I can testify that he lives and he loves us so very much!  He has a plan for us and we must always be striving to become like him so we can fulfill that plan.  I love you guys so much!  I'll talk to you soon?  Love,  Sister Porter   PS I fly out on the 14th.  So 8 more days!



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