Friday, May 24, 2013

Missionary Training Center

Samantha's farewell was Sunday, April 28, 2013.  Her cousin Kodi (BFF) flew up and surprised her for the weekend.  It was a great weekend.  Samantha gave a wondering talk and of course her dad could not keep it together in making the few comments before the end of the meeting.  Brother Thompson made an interesting comment when he closed the meeting.  He said that Samantha at stated in the beginning of her talk that she is a crier and she should be forgiven of this because she is a girl......when really he stated that we all know where she gets her emotion--------from her father.  It was very emotional for Matt but he did a good job----one of the perks to being the bishop.  After we had open house at the house with of course her favorite Café Rio chicken.  It was packed.  Bishop Pepper and his wife Terri and their son Matt came as they were all here for Matt's graduation from BYU.  It was fun to visit with friends and family on that day.  The next Wednesday was the big day.  She had to be at the MTC at 1:30.  So off we went to Brick Oven of course with Stephanie and Dustin as well.  Good byes are always hard but made easier with a good meal and conversation.  The we dropped her off.  It was a very emotional experience seeing all of the hundreds of young men and women getting ready to serve the Lord.  This is a huge wave to flood the earth.  We know that he is coming and so look forward to it.  Samantha will be missed but what a great adventure she will have.
First letter from MTC May 1, 2013.
So your getting this letter because we were encourage to write you on the first night to inform you that I am still ALIVE!!!!  I am alive and loving every second of today!! When I received my name tag I almost started crying because I was so happy!  All the new missionaries got these little orange dots on their name tags, so when other missionaries walked by they would call out "Welcome to the MTC Sister"  It was awesome!  So my companion is Sister Guduson and is a very spunky girl!  SH\he is from California and is very out going.  She has quite the personality, but I love her to pieces.  I wish I could tell you all about today but lights out at 10:30.  I miss you all and cannot wait to hear from you!  My p-days are on Wednesday so I can't email you until then.  Also I was told to tell you to send mail through Dear Elder??? IDK?  Ask about it.  The gospel is TRUE!  I know without a doubt!  I will talk to you next week.  With all my love,  Sister Porter


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