Friday, May 24, 2013

Temple Time during MTC

May 13, 2013
Dearest Family

How are things holding up at the Porter household?  Anything new or exciting I should know about?  I have loved the thinks you guys have been sending to me.  It feels good to get one has my MTC address though so I have only gotten your packages.  I did get your Dear Elder dad.  Those are nice because they come the day you send them cause they just print them off.  So today is P-day and I got to go to the temple with my district so that pretty cool.  I just love the temple.  I did some laundry and emailed which by the way did you get my pictures?  I also got in a 30 minute nap which felt AMAZING!   Apparently Sister Gunson loves taking long naps as well which is good.  Did I tell you she went to BYU-I too?!  So we always have lots to talk about.  Today all the new missionaries came.  It was so exciting.  Crazy to think that was me a week ago.  I got to say "welcome to the MTC!" Oh! so I got called as the sister trainer for the new district coming in tonight.  I get to teach them and be their helper.  I am basically in charge of them which is pretty awesome.  So me and Sister Gunson's new investigator's name is Alania.  She is a Hawaiian girl who I just love.  Our first time meeting with her was amazing.  We asked her if living with her Heavenly Father and family again was important.  She said yes.  So we explained to her that no unclean thing can live with Heavenly Father and that is why it is so important to get baptized and so we said and asked "will you follow the example of Christ and be baptized by someone who holds the priesthood authority of God?"  When we said that she was a little hesitant, but then I said "If we kept coming back and taught you the lessons to prepare you for baptism would you want that?  A big smile grew on her face and she said yes!  WooHoo!!! so exciting.  Another really cool story the second time we met with her she followed up reading the first chapter in the Book of Mormon and prayed.  Way awesome!!! So we started teaching the first lesson to her and out of nowhere she throws her head back laughing and says "Sister Porter, why do you smile so much?"  We all started to laugh but then I got quiet because I got very teary eyed.  I replied "Because Christ loves you!"  As soon as I said that Alania started to cry.  I have never felt the spirit sooooo much!  It really touched my heart.  I know I have only been here a week but it feels like forever.  My eyes have been really opened to so many new things and I love it!!!  I have to go now but the gospel is true and I love you guys!  Love, Sister Porter 

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