Friday, May 24, 2013

So Samantha called me from the airport on her way to Texas.  We only visited for maybe 5 minutes because there were 15 other sister and elders waiting to use the phone.  She was hoarse from being sick but sounded happy.  So this was Tuesday May 14th.  The next day we heard on the news that tornadoes had touched down in Granbury and Cleburne (which is just south of Arlington).  Zach Hayes a long time friend of Seths texted Seth to tell him that he and Joe Pennock (other friend of Seths who is the YSA mission leader) had taken the Sister in their ward and her new companion along with the elders to dinner-------surprised when the new sister introduced herself as Sister Porter.  Then they took them to none other than Chicken Express a favorite of the Porter family.  That in and of itself was amazing.  Then later that night when we heard about the tornadoes and were freaking out a bit Bishop Pepper called and told Matt that Samantha was assigned to his ward and that he would look out of her and make sure she had a great mission.  What a blessing to have people that already know and love her.  We so love all of the people from Texas they were always so good to our family.  Then this week Matt got a facebook message from President Spitzer (the current Arlington Stake President who Matt served on the high council with him at one time) that Samantha has been assigned to their area and that they are excited to have her.  It is nice to hear from everyone that she is there----because we still had not heard any more from Samantha than the below message.  Attached are pictures of Samantha and her new companion.  It is nice to sit back a little and watch the fruits of our hard labor.
First email from Texas and it was not enough information for her parents!!!
Family!! I have so much to tell you! But I only have nine minutes left on the computer so I have to write you all!! Sorry :( You all need to send me letters! Because I got on and had twenty five new emails from people so it already took me like forty minutes to read through them all and so I only had like fifteen minutes to reply so it kind of hard :( So write my Texas address!! ALSO! I explain more in my letter but I need a bike! haha
oaky love all here are some pictures ill write you and have everyone write me!
-Sister porter  

This is Logan Williams-----he is a good friend that Seth and Dustin grew up with and is basically part of the family.  We love the Williams family!!!!   Logan is serving as the Elder's Quorum President in the singles ward where Samantha serving.  
This is sooo funny!!!  Samantha took a picture of one of our favorite Mexican food placed in Mansfield.  Chas Chas.  Only the Porter children would go around and take pictures of food places.  Good memories I guess.

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