Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Survives the Tornadoes

My Address is ::::::
Sister Samantha Porter
1604 Blue Danube St #2061
Arlington TX 76015
FAMIY! How are you all?? I miss you lots! I have sent you a couple of letters... Have you gotten any? I have officially been in texas for two weeks now and LOVE IT! :) On my first night here there were tornadoes.  The sirens were going off and it was so scary!! a tornado hit like a mile from our apartment.  I have gotten one letter... haha And it was from dus and steph!! so sweet :) haha The work has been awesome! Yesterday was a holiday so all the libraries were closed so we got to email today! The YSA ward is amazing! I have seen so many people that I know! Sister Earl was like "I have been here for three months and you still know more people than me!" haha Its such a blessing to be here and doing this work.  There is A LOT to be done! so I am super excited about that! We have a baptism next week for those two African American girls I told you about.  Its so cool to see this! Ill have to send you pictures of when it all goes down :) We have lots of new investigators so hopefully lots of new baptismal dates!!!  The other day we were tracting and having no luck. So we said a quick prayer that we would be guided to someone whom the lord had prepared for us.  The next door we went to an older man named Andrew opened.  He let us in and we started to teach him the first lesson.  During the lesson he stopped us and said "Sisters I just want to tell you that I never open the door. But something inspired me to and I think it was because you were suppose to share this message with me today."  me and sister Earl looked at each other and told him that we were inspired to come to his house.  When one door closes another one opens.  The work is amazing.  When I give my self to the lord I see miracles happen. 
Tell me what you guys have been up to!? Is Kylee done with school now? Do you guys have any fun plans for the summer? Wow... that sounds so weird asking you that.
I'm so excited for Ivan he is going to be an amazing missionary! Send him my luck!
I love you guys!!! Hope you guys are getting my letters!
The gospel is true!
-Sister Porter
Ps. the most bizzare thing happened the other day!! We were driving down to Mansfield on the highway and out of now were this huge bird hits our windshield!!! it was so freaky it! it like literally came out of no where!! And it hit so hard it left like a print of it body on the windshield!! I'm surprised it didn't crack it! The lord blessed him missionaries that's for sure!



Oh my goodness I miss you all so much.  I almost started crying because I could not email you guy back.  I hardly have any time to write.  Our P-day are on Mondays and they are jam packed.  I got called to the Mansfield/Arlington YSA Ward.  Isn't that just so crazy!  Back to my old stomping grounds!  Texas is wonderful!  It is so beautiful here!  and HOT!  I already have a tan line from my watch.  My new companion is so fun.  Her name is sister Earl and she is from Salt Lake City.  She has been a really good transfer.  So our apartment is right by the Target off of Cooper.  I am guessing you guys kind of know where that is.  So part of our area is Mansfield so like my third day here we drove down there and I almost started crying.  I saw CiCis Pizza and that Chick fila A that we went to.  And Rose Park and everything.  I sent you a picture of cha chas---can you please sent that to the boys>?  Can you tell them to write to me.  I REALLY would love letters from everyone.  I had 8 emails left that I didn't have time to read....can you please tell Kodi and Kylee to write and not email me.  Tell everyone that they need to write me cause email isn't working and I would rather just email you guys anyway.  So we get a car and a phone.  It is so weird having the phone but so nice.  We can contact people much faster that way.  But in my next area I need a bike.  You guys need to call my mission President and ask him what we should do about that like what would be easier.
This work has been amazing.  Super tiring but totally worth it I have never been so  happy teaching the gospel!  Two of our investigators Nikia and Porsha, are black and they are getting baptized next Saturday.  I am so excited for them to begin a new life.  Porsha is pregnant and so cute.
So being the missionaries of the singles ward we have to try and find investigators who are 18-30 years of age.  We can still teach families but it won't be "our" baptism because they won't be part of our ward.  Me and Sister Earl were tracting the other day and we knocked on this guy's door who 's name is Axel.  We shared with him our message and he proclaimed that we had answered his prayers.  He said he was looking for something more in his life.  So we wet up an appointment with him for the next day.  He is 22 so he is like "golden" investigator.  So when we went back to teach him the first lesson, we really felt the spirit!  It was such an amazing feeling to help him.  He has such a desire to change and he committed to getting baptized on June 8th.  So cross your fingers for my!
I am glad you guys had fun in Arizona.  I am happy for Rhett.  Happy belated mother's dad Mom.  I hope you had an amazing day.  I love you so much!  Kylee I love you girl.  How is school going don't you finish this week.  Holy that is just so crazy.
Bishop Pepper is my Bishop.  Way Crazy!  I saw tons of people Jennifer Anderson, Heidi Starr, Zack Hayes, Joe Pennock and Logan!  When he saw me he called me mamfas!  I almost started crying it made me miss you guys and I get his fiancé.  She is really super cute.  It has been fun stuff seeing everyone and being here in Texas.  I love this work it is awesome.  Missing you guys!  I wish I could just call you and talk.  I have so much to say and so little time.  But I love hearing from you guys so send lots of letters.  Sister Porter
PS Oh and tell Seth Cory Carol says "I'll see you next Christmas!!"  ha!ha!  Please don't forget to tell him.

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