Monday, June 10, 2013

Dinner at the Buers


June 10, 2013
Another week has gone by and a million of amazing things have happened! First and fore most though AYRIKA GOT HER MISSION CALL!!! AHHHHH :) I am soooo very proud of her.  It breaks my heart though that I was not able to be there for her when she opened it :( She's gonna be an amazing missionary! Next is KODI and ....KYLEE......?:) haha Kylee would be such an great missionary its crazy!
I have heard from all my roommates now so that's super nice! Its so good to hear that Ivan is doing good:) Are you sad to be leaving that job? or does it feel nice? Its weird to think you wont be working there anymore.  Those were pizza nights! :) haha
Stephanie has been writing me letters! She is just too cute I love her! I miss you all tons! I pray for you all every night and hoping your not missing me too much ;)
So this past week was so good!!! We extended a baptism date to three people and they all accepted so that's awesome!! We teach this one girl named SoShe and ...she is soooo cute!! she is twenty, is married and has a little boy named Bryan! When we told her about how families can be together and can be bound together through the temple she was like AWWw!! :) she totally wants that! AND she has been reading the Book of Mormon and when we visited her on Thursdays the first thing she said was "this book is great!....But Laman and Lemuel and A holes!" hahaha...Me and sister Earl couldn't stop laughing. 
I found a crock pot in our apartment!!! ...WHAT! :) So I made Cafe Rio chicken for sister Earl! she told me that she wanted to be my companion forever! haha So I ACTUALLY drink water now! its kind of weird I drink like ten cups a day!! I cant even tell I go to the bathroom anymore....compared to when I used to.....
So we have been going over and reading the Book of Mormon with this kid named Demond (he's black) and he is just TOO funny!! he says the funniest things We literally cant stop laughing sometimes. Apparently his Facebook status said this the other day "Went to a pool party, met some cool kids, this is tots the lifestyle for me....IM GONNA BE MORMON!" hahaha :) So ....i guess he's already converted? :)
So we have to get rides from members to our p day activities (IDK why?) but ya and so Logan took us last Monday. While he was driving us though he pulls out his phone and Seth was calling him!!!!!!! Oh my goodness it killed me not to just snatch the phone from him and talk to Seth!! so crazy!
Cory and Leslie invited us over for dinner last night! I just love their family :) And we taught their kids about prophets and how its important that we always follow them!
I'm so thankful that I was raised in the Gospel. I seriously don't know what I would do with out it.  It breaks my heart to see so many people not accept our message because I know how blessed they could be from it.  Treasure this amazing gospel EVERYDAY! It brings me such joy and happiness:) The saviors grace is sufficient. I'm so thankful to be out here in Texas.  I have learned so many new things its crazy. I know this church is true and that the fullness of the gospel has been restored!!
LOVE you all so much! xoxoxox -Sister Porter
ps. mother I loved your lesson! it was really good :) me and sister Earl were actually going to study baptism that day during companion study and so when i read that during personal study I was so thankful :) you are such a blessing in my life. 
Those roses are oranges we pealed!

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  1. We loved having Sister Porter and her companion in our home! They brought such a wonderful spirit with them! She is an amazing missionary. The kids loved the lesson she taught on prophets as well.