Monday, June 24, 2013

HELLO! HOLA! HOWDY! how are ya'll? :) Im sooo super jealous that you guys get to see the ashtons!! I hope they are doing good! I got a letter from kodi and it made me happy:) Did ya'll get my package? Tell kylee I'm SOSOO proud of her :) she really should be a missionary. it is such a great experience and such a blessing. It feels so good to teach people the gospel! :) OH i would love print outs of the plan of salvation :) we draw out little things for our investigators :) haha.
COOL STORY # 1: You will not believe who I saw!!!!! SARAH FOLTEN!! :):):) I kept having this feeling that I needed to go see her.  But all I knew was that she lived somewhere behind TOM THUMB! But finally I just listened to my heart and I turned to Sister Earl and I said "we NEED to go find my friend today."  She laughed and said SURE!! :) We drove over behind the store and she said do you know where to go?  haha um...NO? she said well pick a street! I pointed to one which we drove down and I pointed to a house that looked kind of familiar! We knocked on the door and it was her father! He was like "what can I do for ya'll? We explained that we were missionaries and that we had an important message to share about the restored gospel. I said that they didnt have time and as he was about to shut the door I said "Do you remember me?" He looked at my name tag and screamed "SAMANTHA PORTER!!!???" GIRL YOU GET IN THIS HOUSE!! He grabbed me and pulled me into a tight hug.  Sarah ran from around the corner and was like NO WAY!! and hugged me as well. I began to cry in happiness. I knew the lord guided me to their home.  There was no way I remembered how to get there. We talked for a while! they told me to tell you hello:) they were so kind and sarah said that she was sooo sad when i moved because I was here only good friend! We are taking her to lunch this week and hopefully be able to share with her this amazing message of the church!! :)
COOL STORY # 2: So yesterday me and sister Earl spoke in church! It was on being a Follower of Christ:) It actually went really well! AND we had five investigators at church!!!! HAHA Soshe was so cute :) while we were listening to sister earl speak she leaned over to me and was like "she has a straightway shot to the celestial kingdom!" :) hahaha She WANTS TO GET MARRIED IN THE TEMPLE SO BAD :) i love it! she wants her family to be sealed forever! and she is getting baptized on June 6th!! wooo hooo:)
I have officially been out for a transfer!! :) This week is the start of a new transfer (transfer is six weeks) and people will sometimes get transferred to new areas but because I am still in training ill be here for a bit longer.  I get to drive this transfer though! haha woo!
I have to go now but I love you all!! xoxoxo
-Sister Porter
Ps. That broadcast was so amazing!! The members of the ward really can make this missionary work grow!! :)

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