Monday, June 24, 2013


Missing all of you lots! I'm so glad to hear that everything is going good! sounds like you guys are pretty busy.  Oh haha and Will (Elder Ballard) emailed me! he was like "is this my cousin?" haha pretty funny. But I emailed him back to update him about texas!
So it is getting DANG hot here!! today its actually down pouring! We had to run to the laudry room and get our clothes that ended up being soaking wet anyways from running back haha. But you probably remember the thunder and rain storms here! I love them:)
But ya it was 110 degrees the other day!!! And that was the worst day becuase we didnt have any appointments so we tracked outside for eight hours!! phew! THAT was  a looong day.
This week has actually been really long :/ me and sister earl have been just so frustrated with investigators canceling appointments or stuff like that. I pray everyday that I will have patience and the love for my investigators the way the Lord loves me.  So remember how I told you guys about those two african girls and how they were going to be baptized well... they dropped their date :( BUT one of them re set her date for June 29th! So I need you all to pray really hard for NEKIA ILES and that she will have the desire to be baptized and that she will stay committed. Also we had an amazing lesson on thrusday and we invited this mexican girl named Yahira Diaz to be baptized on July sixth! she said yes so we will be working really hard to prepare her for that day and make sure she stays committed!
Last monday me and sister Earl went and played tennis with cory carrol and his wife! that was super fun! Exept I not good at it. But we play volleyball too with all the other missionaries and I just LOVE that!
Well i have to go Ill talk to you soon! xoxox
-Sister Porter


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