Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fun at the Days

Oh, how I miss you all! I love reading your emails and seeing how you are doing. The mission is going great! Texas is awesome, I cant even begin to tell you how much I love it down here! We go down to Mansfield a couple times a week to visit some investigators, But on Saturday we drove past Willie Brown and Mary Orr!! I was like freaking out!! And I saw that Baptist church that me and mom used to read at every morning after we dropped Kylee off at school.  Just seeing those things and places brought back so many great memories!
So the Day's held this HUGE slip and slide party at their house Friday night for the ward and us missionaries are allowed to go to activities like that if one of our investigators are there.  Nekia and Porsha went so we got to participate! haha It was so hard though to see everyone swim and stuff.  It's so weird to think that it summer and I can just put on my swim suit and go play outside!!
So the other day me and sister Earl were out tracking in these apartments and we ran into this guy named Manuel.  We started talking to him about the church and we saw that he was holding a bucket and paint brush. So I asked him if we could help him paint.  He gave me the funniest look and said "Wait.....Are you serious?!)  haha So we Helped him paint while we taught the gospel!! We had to refer him to the Spanish Elders though because he didn't speak very much English so I don't think he understood us very well.  But I know that he felt the spirit! :)
So you guys are going to think this story is so funny. So we have this meal chart that we pass around every Sunday for the ward to sign up for.  And this past week we got fed every night! Which is crazy because we hardly get fed like that (college students don't have food to feed even themselves let alone the sister missionaries) But this last Thursday this guys named Aaron Black was going to feed us but he was out of town so we had dinner with his mother instead.  Of course that night I was super hungry and was SO excited to be fed but guess what I saw right when I walked in? SALAD!!! ...........Sister Earl couldn't help but just laugh when she saw my terrified face because she knew I hated salad.  But of course I ate it but i seriously felt sick all night long after I ate it.  I really think im allergic to it.....NO JOKE!
So Saturday night after me and Sister Earl had come home from a long day of hard work, we were just sitting in the living room having our daily planning session when all of a sudden there was a knock at our door!....WHAT???? no one ever knocks on door! Especially at nine thirty at night!! We both looked at each other wondering what to do. Quick run and look through the window to see who it is! haha so I peeked through the blinds and come to find out its Cory and Leslie!!!! I couldn't believe they were at our apartment! I was so happy to see them :) They were so sweet and are having us over for dinner next week!! But I just couldn't stop thinking how funny and ironic it was that they were there. 
"If you work your mission EASY it will be HARD, if you work your mission HARD it will be EASY!" :)
I love this quote.  This is totally my motto and I keep it in my mind everyday because its true. I'm giving myself to the lord, and if I work hard EVERYDAY i know I can achieve great things out here in TEXAS! :) I love this amazing work and appreciate the great support I get from home.  I wouldn't be out here doing this if I didn't know it was true!
HUGS AND KISSES! love you all :)
-Sister Porter
PS.  Have you guys gotten any of my letters yet? I haven't gotten any from you guys? Ayrikas sister is having a baby!! and Ayrika gets her call this week!!! AHHHHHHHH I'm so excited I'm going to cry! Logan's fiancée Margaret is actually super cute I love her :) Tell everyone hello and that I love them! How did Kylee play? haha do you think the kids are getting her sick? Are you guys doing anything fun this summer? Just keep updating me :) here are some pictures!


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