Monday, August 12, 2013

I went to see the Temple (Dallas Temple)


Hello! okay so my P days are on Mondays. Our new mission president is now letting us attend the temple if we are 45 minutes away. But if that week we do attend the temple we have to change our P day (on Mondays) to a different day. So last week we switched it to Tuesday and that's why I emailed you that day :)  The Dallas temple was so wonderful!!! :) and they have a new video! Have you seen it yet?  Its so ..updated haha  Its kind of weird! But I really liked eve's role in it! They made her seem so courageous and awesome it was cool:)
P days are fun! I love them:) We wake up, do our laundry, clean the apartment, do studies until ten. Come and email our families! ;) Then we can do whatever! we go play volleyball and basketball with all the other missionaries sometimes, sometimes we go play tennis (I'm not very good) with Brother Carrol and his wife. ( we love them they are so awesome!) We go shopping at the mall ....except Im so poor :( we nap, write letters all of the above. It fun I like it :)
We exercise every morning. We go for a run around our apartment complex for thirty minutes. The sister missionaries get $125 dollars a month I think. But I have had to use my money from my savings a lot because we have to stop to get food sometimes or I need more socks or just random stuff like that. OH I'm buying some boots! :) haha I figured I had to get some real cow boy boots in Texas! And all the missionaries get them while they are here! I should get them today so I'll take a picture and send it to you next week! haha   MOTHER:) I love my mission. I wouldn't ever take this back. I do miss y'all sometimes but other than that I love it. I know the Lord is on my side and that he and the ward are taking good care of me! No more bed bugs! Super happy about that.
That makes me really sad inside that family was that way towards dad :( Tell him that I love him again for that day when he stood by my side. That was a hard day for me and when dad knelt down and offered a prayer I felt the spirit so strongly. He was such an example to me and I realized how important it was to turn to the Lord. In John 15:13 it says "greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."   The  Savior loves me so much that he was willing to pay the price. He knew I was going to make that mistake and that I needed his help. I'm so thankful for the atonement in my life. I love my heavenly father and my earthly one too :)
This past week was great! :) The coolest thing happened!!! So one of our investigators, Emily Williams, texted us one night and was like "Hello?" haha so we replied "Hello?, what's up?" Sister Earl joked around and was like, she's gonna text us and say I WANNA BE BAPTIZED! So finally when she texted back I opened up the message and just start laughing! she said "maybe I can be baptized next Saturday?" ...WHAT! We start jumping up and down! So happy:) we met her two weeks after I got here so we have been working with her for a while. She so ready its awesome:)
TRANSFER CALLS!!! Sister Earl is going to Kileen!!!! That like three hours south from here! She going to the middle of no where! hahah :) But I'm so excited for her she has been here in Arlington for six months! I'm getting a new companion on Wednesday! Her name is Sister Edwards! She has been on a mission for about six months....and that's all I know about her. haha Super Excited I'll let you know how she is! :)
I love you guys a lot! Hope ya'll are having a good summer! can you believe its already August? KYLEE is going to be a senior! wooo! So crazy! SO.......Logan and Margret are getting married on Saturday! its so weird. But I'm so excited for them! They were like so.....can we sign up to feed you Saturday night and you can come get some food at the reception? funny. Is Seth coming down to the wedding? How's Emily Chen doing? I think about her ALL THE TIME! I'm sooo very happy for her. That's just such a cool story. So Kylee's not doing volleyball then? That's really cool that she is like head person at the day care. Tell her she needs to write me back! Courtney wrote me! Happy day. I hope my testimony will spark a light inside of her. Now that I'm out her on a mission it makes me sad that I didn't do anything to help my best friend out :( The gospel could bless her life more than anything in this world! And I told Amanda that when I get back I'm going to convert Andy when I get home! haha :)
How work for you? for dad? are you ready for school to start again? I told sister Earl that I missed playing DK with you and she thought that was funny :)
Love the gospel. Just feel so blessed to have it in my life. On Thursday we were teaching this guy about the restoration and his parents came out and started bashing with us. We just sat there while they said all these horrible and rude things about the church in front of our face! Once we got in the car and left I just started crying. I felt so hurt. I couldn't believe that someone would say that about who I was in front of my face. I cried and cried and Sister Earl pointed out something that really opened up my eyes. she was like "this was probably how Christ felt all the time. People spit in his face and mocked him for the things he taught. I love my Savior. He did so much for me. Heavenly Father loves his children so much its beyond what I can comprehend. Sharing the gospel is something we must do. God wants us to be in his service and the instruments in his hands. Share the word!
Love you! :) with all my heart. -Sister Porter

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