Monday, August 12, 2013

New Companion--------New Boots!

JENNY IS ENGAGED!!! ahhh oh my goodness I'm soo very happy for her :):)  That's sooo exciting! She better send me an announcement! ;) I got Hannah's announcement!!  So nice that they thought about sending me one. I LOVE getting pictures so keep sending me some of all of you doing stuff because I love it. The babies are getting so big! How's Bailee doing? She getting big? and YES I got their package. soo cute loved it. lots of fun stickers on it. I will send them a letter telling them thank you!
The babies are wearing the t-shirts I gave them!! awwww:) soo cute. Jealous that you guys are doing lots of four wheeling! that was the one things I really wanted to do before I left!! ha! But it sounds like ya'll are having fun. I'm so excited for Kylee to be starting her senior year! what a blast!! Tell her to keep up the hard work! I'm so proud of her.
Thank you for all the talks you have sent me! and the face wash stuff it really has been helping! You are such a good mommy taking care of me :) I wasn't allowed to go to Logan's wedding! :( ah it killed me because their reception was down the street from where we were working! haha But everyone told me it was good! so I'm happy for them!
My new companion is great! Her name is sister Edwards .She is from Farmington, Utah! She was serving in Kileen (where sister Earl is now) before she came here.  Kileen is like tiny town down by Austin-----so Arlington is a lot different for her! The last couple of days have been a little hard just because our missionary work is a lot different from each other. But we have been praying together and working hard to work in harmony! I'm excited because I know she was sent here for a reason and I think shes just the missionary to give us the push we need because the work has been a little slow lately.
We have a baptism this week! :) Her name is Emily Williams. She is so darn cute and I'm sooo excited for her. Her boyfriend is a member and her referred us to her about two months ago. So we have been working with her for a while. She had a really hard time with accepting the fact that only men could have the priesthood. But she knows that the church is true and that accepting that will come in time. Especially when she receives the gift of the holy ghost.
Their is a talent show tonight for FHE. There is another set of missionaries in the YSA ward who are elders and all of us are going to be doing something.....we don't know what yet but I will let you know how it goes. haha
I gave a training in Zone Conference this past Friday on how to have effective study. So I came up with things for each letter of STUDY to talk about.
S: Spiritual knowledge. If we don't know our stuff how are we going to teach our investigators? In D&C 11: 21 its says that we must seek not to declare his word but first seek to obtain his word. And it so important that we study so that when we are teaching someone that we can teach by the spirit and not by what we are trying to put together in our head.
T: Time bound. We have to I mean HAVE TO use our time wisely. If we take all of our time just reading the scriptures we will forget the importance of the spirit. But if We STOP and LISTEN we will be able to listen to the spirit more. It will testify of the truthfulness unto us and we may be inspired to read something that will help us with a situation.
U: Understand and Apply. If we understand what we are reading and studying, we will more easily be able to apply it into our lives. And once we have applied it into our lives we can be passionate when we share the gospel with others around us. We will understand more fully gods plan for us and help others follow that plan as well.
D: Desire of our hearts: I cant remember off the top of my head what scripture I used for this but it talks about if this be the desires of our heart then the mysteries of god will be unfolded unto us. If we desire to work hard and study we will know the truth of all things!! and we will be able to become the very best missionaries that god would want us to be :)
Y: YOLO! You only live your mission once so don't miss out on the blessing! work hard EVERYDAY and the lord will bless you :)
I love y'all a lot! Pray for you every night. I know that our Savior lives and that he loves us. He sacrificed so much for us so that we could all return to our Father in Heaven. I know how much we all want that so its our responsibility to be disciples of Christ and serve him with all our heart might mind and strength!! :)
-Sister Porter
Ps. Aren't my boots just sooo cute! :) Sister Edwards is a little jealous ;) haha

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