Monday, November 4, 2013

Does anyone have time for Christ anymore?

THOSE BABIES ARE SO PRECIOUS!!! :) Oh they are so big!! Makes me so happy but so sad all at the same time! They are growing in a blink of an eye. So excited for Bay to have her baby :) Dad is deaf in one ear?? That breaks my heart for him. I can't believe that.
These week has been full of wonderful things! First I have to share this wild/funny story.  The other day me and Sister Tuck were knocking doors when a young girl probably in her teens answers the door. She is holding a young child in her hand and trying very hard for two giant dogs not to get out. But even with all her might, they squeezed through the door and began running as fast as they could down the street. With in two seconds they were gone! Out of site! She shrieks with fear, puts down the child and starts chasing after them! Me and Sister Tuck had no idea what to do. Probably realizing that she had left the child, she frantically ran back and asked if we could help her. She cried out "Those arent even my dogs, I'M BABYSITTING!" My heart dropped and I then realized we NEEDED to find those dogs. I can't imagine if I was a young girl babysitting and I had lost their (probably expensive) dogs. We began running up and down the streets calling out for the dogs to come. We suddenly stopped and offered a prayer. We knew we could find them with God's help. All while running I kept panting out loud "Heavenly Father PLEASE help us" We told the girl we would get in the car and try and find them that way. So we drove down the street trying to follow the promptings of the holy ghost, and made a left turn on the last street of the neighboorhood. And out of know where we see this lady trying to catch the dogs! We hurry, park the car, run out to try and help her. She asks if they were our dogs and we then explained what had happened. She ran into her house and grabbed us leashes so we could walk them back. I couldnt believe it. What an experience. I knew with out a doubt that god had answered our prayers. AND in the end we walked back to the ladies house to give her back her leash and set up a return appointment with her! amazing :)
I love when these things happen. Have I ever told y'all that I love being a missionary? Well...I DOOOO! :) hehe okay another story. So me and sister Tuck go once a week to help this lady in our ward take care of her sister-in- law. Her name is Oma and she lost her voice in January. Her mind also doesn't work the same way anymore so Sister Brown and her husband help her now and its practiacally a full time job for her. So to help her out we come and take care of her so she can go out and get stuff done. We do excercises, read flash cards and go for walks. This past week while we were on our walk Oma cried out in a tiny voice "TIred" She flipped her walker around and sat in it!! hahaha she made us push her back home in her walker. SO funny. 
The night before Holloween was the ward party. SO FUN! We get a call from Sister Barton that morning asking if she could get some help decorating! It took a good chunk of time BUT was totally worth it :) It looked great! GO big or GO home right? I love it. OOOHH also, The bartons where the ghost busters! hahaha it was so great.
We ended up not doing anything for Holloween. Our mission president wanted us to stay inside our apartments for the night so was a little boring. The last couple of days were kind of hard for me. We did a lot of tracting and we got a lot of doors slammed in our face and rude things said. Finally when another person slammed a door in our face I cried out "doesn't anyone have time for Christ in their life???" I began to cry. This broke my heart. But then I thought about my life before the mission and thought "Did I make time for Christ in my life?" This concept is so important. We must set our priorities to the Lord. Being a disciple of Christ isn't just something we do here and there, its a life style. Its what we do at ALL times and in ALL things and in ALL places. 
This really is the icing to finding a future spouce huh! ;) haha that made me laugh. But its very true. I'm greatful that I have done this. It has changed me forever AND my wants and desires for the future are a lot different! The gospel is so important for me to teach my children. This will make such a stronger household! I love my Savior and my famiily :) 
MISS and LOVE you guys sooo much. Hope this email finds y'all doing well. 
Loves sister Porter :) 
Ps. Thank you again for all that you guys do for me :)  
pic 1: This is all the little candy packages we made for everyone :) they all loved it.
pic 2: GHOST BUSTERS!! soo sweet.
pic 3: this is oma in her walker and sister tuck :)

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