Monday, November 25, 2013

How Great Is My Calling!

DADDYY!! I cant believe that this has happened to you :( My heart has ached! Im so so happy to hear that you are doing better though. My prayers have been more fervent than ever and I hope all is well. You have so much strength its unbelievable. Your example has made me strong and will carry me forward. Thank you for being so amazing! I love you so much!
So what have you been up to since you have been home for a while? I'm excited for Kylee and basketball! I can't believe it's that season already!! How's the weather? Is it snowing and all that? :) It's hotter than ever here!!! How do people live in this? I feel like I need a break from this heat! haha.
I LOVE the Barton family!! They are just so great. We helped them set up Christmas yesterday! haha she's so funny. She reminds me of mom getting so excited before Thanksgiving has already happened. This new transfer has been so wonderful! Me and Sister tuck are working harder than ever and are seeing a lot of success! I just love sharing the gospel. HOW GREAT IS MY CALLING :) We helped this lady paint her house on Saturday. It was some kind of sand paint so it took us a lot longer than we thought it would!! But I decided I'm not to bad at it ;) I love serving.
This past week I have realized what a blessing it truly is to be here serving a mission. I love my family so much. You don't see or appreciate what you have until you leave it for so long. MISS and LOVE y'all! Hope your having a great week! GET FEELING BETTER :) lots of love!
-Sister Porter  

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