Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thankful For Family Relationships

HOPE your having a WONDERFUL and fabulous and awesome and terrific and marvelous and rockin and spectacular and remarkable and outstanding and splendid and super duper day!! J
The blessing of the Priesthood. That is just so wonderful. I will have to print out your talk and read it. It was probably awesome :) Tell Seth and Bay that I wish I could be there but that I love them and are so happy for them! It  is kind of crazy that I won't see her ...or him for another year!! Tell Kylee that I miss her too! and love her like crazy. Thankful we have such a close relationship. Sister Tuck is not close with any of her famiily, not even her parents. It makes my heart so sad. But makes me greatful for the cloesness we all have.
I don't think we are doing anything fun for Thanksgiving! haha A family in the ward invited us over for dinner (so nice) but that about it! Is this like my christmas package? I think I should wait to open it so I have something on christmas!
Im excitied the work is progressing so much! Not just in texas but all over the world! Our stake President talked to us for a little bit on Friday and he was talking about all the wonderful things that are coming forth! The missionary work is so amazing. Truly inspiried by God. Love you guys!
-Sister Porter
ps. I heard about the sister missionaries in the phillipeans :( I cried. My roommate Meredith is serving therer right now! I pray that she is okay.

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