Monday, May 12, 2014


Dear Family,

Thank you for your email. Very tender for me to know y'all are always thinking and praying for me. Your love is felt. Thank you. Sounds like your keeping pretty busy. I still can't believe the ward lost some awesome members! makes me so sad :( The church is just growing! Its amazing.

This week was SO HARD! haha. We went out to our car Wednesday morning to find that someone had wrecked into it! It made me so sad to think no one tried to fess up to what they did. So we took it to a collision center and they said it would take a week to repair!! I can't even tell you how hard it has been to do this work without it. haha I was very humbled. Was able to see the little blessings :) I feel like such a burden on the ward when we ask them for rides all the time. Sister Nielsen has cousins in the Hurst First Ward so she was able to run us around to get our errands done today. Thursday it took us almost two hours to walk to one of our appointments. hahah it's crazy! But we will be getting a car back on Wednesday so no worries :) Yesterday was amazing for me. We had five investigators at church! :) Its amazing to see our investigators keep their commitments.

So there is a new rule in the mission. We aren't allowed to use our investigators names in our emails. So I wont be able to tell you the names of who we are working with :( But don't worry I will tell you more stories when I come home :) Next week the lady who I told you about last week ( the tithing story) she is getting baptized!! :) so excited.

Training is still pretty hard. Sister Nielsen is VERY quiet so its hard to get her to talk in lessons, BUT she is very sweet and obedient which is good with me. I can help her with teaching. It would be hard if she wanted to rebel all the time!

Sorry the email is short today, our ride is waiting for us..

I love yalll SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo much! Hope you have a fabulous week:)

-love sister samesa!

Ps. I'm all out of contacts! so....when you get a chance would you be willing to send me some more? :) The ones I have right now will last me about two more weeks. But I do have my glasses so no rush!

pss. I met two people that I thought I would tell you about. First one was John Saunders?  He said he worked for you and used to do stuff with Seth. He is living in Hurst now and has a couple of kids. (can't remember how many) and then I met Mary-Joe Shipples daughter, Tony and Monica! They just moved into a house close to our apartment! We went to welcome them in and come to find out we know each other! haha love it :)

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