Thursday, May 29, 2014

Howdy! :)
This week is transfers. I can’t believe another one has come and gone. I have six weeks left training Sister Nielsen and then 'Ill probably be transferred to my last area! Still cant believe Kylee, little baby kylee is graduating tomorrow! Sad to be mission it. Sounds like it will be a fun day. Any fun plans for the summer? Our your hours at byu still the same during summer? What the weather like right now? it actually so beautiful over here! Trying to enjoy it as much as possible before the heat hits! Nothing too exciting happened this past week. Thursday we had a follow up training meeting. All the trainers, new trainers, district leaders and sister trainer leaders attend this meeting. There were a lot there this time!! I think we have a lot of new missionaries coming in this round. Lots of new changes.

They are moving the mission office into our church building in Hurst!! they are knocking out some of the classrooms and building the office. Kind of crazy. The wards aren’t too happy about it....haha. Saturday we had one of the youth come out with us all day. I think it was a neat experience for her to work all day with us. When we were driving her back home she said "phew! I tired! how do yall do this all day everyday?" haha i laughed. Then Saturday night our district had 3 baptisms that we were able to attend :) pretty amazing. Sunday was graduation for all the seniors in our ward so half of our chapel was empty!

This week I have come to more fully understand that making mistakes is part of life, and that its okay to have mess ups! There is a quote by an unknown author, “You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth.” This quote is redeeming because it encourages us to live life without the pressure of seeking the approval of those around us.
We don’t need anyone other than our Father in Heaven to tell us that we are doing what we should. In the end, what others think of us just does not matter. It only matters what God thinks of us
I have made a lot of mistakes on my mission and have had a lot of hard days, but I truly have learned that it is OK. We need not sweat the little things. Because god has blessed us with each new day that we can learn and grow. I have not been sent to Texas to fail or to be judged of others. I have been sent to Texas to succeed and to be judged by God for the works that I do. He sees all our works and all our efforts. He will help us heal from every mistake and help us learn from every mistake. I would say that not only is it okay to make mistakes, it is necessary. We cannot learn and grow unless we make some mistakes along the way. We always learn more from our failures than we do from our successes.
I’m grateful for my merciful Father in Heaven. He has provided away for me to be with him again through the sacrifice of his beloved son, Jesus Christ. Not only will he forgive me of my mistakes but he will help me keep pressing forward. Don’t let mistakes keep you from living up to your highest potential! We can achieve most anything with our Lord and Savior!
I love yall soooo much. Grateful for your example to me. I hope you find much joy in this week!

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