Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy May 5th!

Family! :)
HAPPY 5th of MAY! :) I remember in school here we would celebrate BIG! Mexican dancers would come perform for us and we would have little parties with chips and salsa :) Me and sister Nielsen are going to bring some for everyone at P-Day activity :)
What a week! they go by so fast I have to really think about what we did! We finally got our car back! ......but the AC is broken so ....we probably need to go get that fixed. Summer is sneaking up on us. Its already in the 90s! haha yay summer :) Sister Nielsen is freaking out a little.
We had stake conference this weekend. Its was just wonderful :) President Ames, and his wife spoke on Sunday and then we had Elder Stodder from the 70 come a speak. He was awesome! Made me laugh. He talked A LOT about missionary work. How the members are the finders and the missionaries are the teachers. That is the Work of Salvation. who are y'all working with to share the gospel with?
We have a baptism this weekend! :) IM SO HAPPY! she is sooo excited. She keeps telling everyone she meets that shes going to be a Mormon! haha I love it. I hope we can all have this Joy in being a members of Christ true church. So much Joy that we want to stand on our roof tops and shout it out loud for all to hear! I just ....cant even explain to you MY personal Joy that I have being a part of this gospel. Being in this area, I have seen so many broken families and homes. Breaks my heart. Everyone deserves to have this. The longer Ive been on my mission the easier it has been for me to look at everyone at God's children. Doesn't matter where they came from, who they were, or what they are doing, what matters is where they and who they are willing to become. To not believe in Change, is to deny the nature of God. I tend to do this sometimes. "Thats just the way I am." No....thats not. I chose that. I can change. Everyone can change and everyone deserves to be looked at as a child of God :) I love that simple truth.
So.........guess what!! :) I get to call y'all on mothers day!! this Sunday! is six thirty okay?? That would work best for me and sister Nielsen but..let us know if that doesn't work. I'm so excited to hear from all of you again! Last time before i come home. Oh happy year mark last week by the way! :)
I got my camera cord and contacts! THANKKKK YYYOOOUUU :) :) lots of love!
Do I plan of doing photography when I get home???? you betcha!!! I miss it so much its crazy.
I sure do miss yall. 
HAHAH yes I got my eyeballs. Did you get my email? so...I get to call you on Sunday! :) we were thinking six thirty? Who all will be there? Sounds like lots of fun stuff is going on. Missin yall sooo much!
pic one: me and sister Earl finally reunited! she is serving in the same stake as me so we saw each other at stake conference. SOOO good to see her love that girl :) she goes home in two transfers!! crazy.
Pic two: Sister Nielsen and I crossing the freeway! 

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