Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nothing Too Exciting

Wow your garden is beautiful! :) good job dad! hahaha I cant believe your staying at BYU. I had a feeling inside that you weren't going to like that drive....What a crazy experience though. haha I'm glad you feel good about it now though. eeeeeh! I can't believe next week kylee is graduating! :( makes me a bit sad that I'm not going to be there. I truly was so good to hear yalls voices too. I just bawled after I hung up. I just love my family soooo much. SO SO grateful for that. And that we can live together forever!

Are yall planning any fun trips for the summer? Nothing too exciting happened this week. Tuesday we were teaching a lesson to one of our investigators and out of no where some guy pounds the door down, runs into the middle of the room, and starts yelling at us telling we are crazy and what not. so...that was fun. Had to hurry and get out of there. I guess we were on their "TERRITORY?" haha....Wednesday we had a zone conference. This is with the mission president and all the missionaries in our stake. Golly do I love that man! He is sooo amazing. He is just so powerful when he speaks. it was a seven hour long meeting. woo! On Saturday there were some members in the ward who needed help doing some moving so that was an all day event! Then that night was a ward social. We had it at some park in Hurst. LOTs of fun. Good opportunity for us as missionaries to make sure we meet at the members and their non member friends! :)

Sorry that this letter is so short we are running a little behind on our errands today. I am beyond grateful to be out here serving the lord everyday. We talked a lot about keeping out eyes single to the glory of god. We cant turn away from the Lord. So important that we endure towards him. And i love the phrase, "waste and wear our lives in the service of God." I want to say that I did that. Its soo worth it :) My mission, the experiences that I have had, The gospel, has truly changed my life. And that indeed is possible because of our Savior. I love him with all my heart.


PIC: us at the super getto laundry mat

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