Monday, May 12, 2014

Good to Hear All of Your Voices

Mother :)
 It truly was so good to hear all of your voices. I bawled too after we hung up. Sister Nielsen thinks I'm super emotional haha. I just miss yall so much. How amazing when we see each other again. Did you get my mothers day letter? Yesterday in church when all of the little children got up to sing their song, there was a young girl that we know that began to cry when she looked down at her mother. What a tender moment for me to see how much love this young girl had for her mom. Me and Sister Nielsen looked at each other and started to cry. Again.....emotional. Made me really miss you mommy and think about all that you do for me. I love you :)
It was just a bitter sweet moment for me to hear those babies voices. I cant believe they are talking! Too cute :) Are you pretty excited for dads new job? Do you think he is going to like it? What are his hours like? Man.....I can't believe how many jobs dad has had! It's pretty great. This past week some funny things happened! First on Wednesday we met with our friend that we are teaching (I cant say her ya)  at the church to have her baptism interview with one of President's helpers. During the interview it starts down pouring outside! When its over and were all ready to go President Petersen notices that his back tire is flat! Its pouring rain and he has a flat........PEACHY :) haha. Right before he calls triple A a couple of Elders come running into the building and ask what was going on. Once he tells them about his car they throw down there stuff and run out into the rain to switch the tire! It was so funny. We just kept laughing and laughing. President then said "I don't need triple A I just needed Triple Elders" hahaha I loved it :)
So we have a recent convert who does carpentering. And so after we taught him a lesson he asked if we wanted to make something!! ....Well of course! :) haha So Sister Nielsen is making a little box and I'm making shelf holder ..thingys. I'm pretty stocked that I made them look pretty good. I'm not quite done but I will send you a picture when I'm finished. Another thing I didn't think I would do on my mission......
We had a baptism on Saturday :) It was just wonderful! When she came out of the water she yelped for joy! and asked if she could do it again. haha. it was funny. I LOVE THIS WORK! And what's amazing is I can do it for the rest of my life. 
I love yall!
Sister Porter
ps. Mom, I really am doing okay I promise :) you know me I'm a cry baby so if it was really bad I would have told you by now. And yes I have lots of mommies in the ward that are taking gooooood care of me :) That's one thing I really love about the church is that there is always someone there to look out for you and take care of you. It's part of the covenants we make! For example a couple of weeks ago I got bitten all up my arm and it got all swollen and some lady in the ward drove all the way over to just give me itch cream. Looking out for me :) 

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