Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 16, 2013 New Companion

I wanted to start off this letter by just letting y'all know  how much I appreciate and love you guys! Just been thinking about all of you a lot these past week with Christmas coming up and what not. I sent a Christmas package so keep your eye out for it :) How have things been going at the porters resident?? My understanding is that Loir Gray and Kodi came up to drop Kodi off at the MTC? How fun. Are they staying after she leaves or going home?? So exciting for her :) OKAY so......I might have seen a commercial for a movie called FROZEN! OH goodness It looks so cute and wonderful!! Are y'all seeing that for Christmas eve?? Man do I wanna see it! looks so good :) you will have to tell me how it is. Ive heard its pretty dang good.
So I might have reunited with an old high school buddy!! My new companion, Sister Nelson, went to jr high and high school with me!! How crazy is that! And she was just serving in the Mansfield ward.....what a small world. But I love her so much we get along very well and the work has been great!!
One thing that me and sister nelson have set as some goals for this transfer was to whenever we became stressed or discouraged we would drop what we were doing and go find someone to help! "Forget ourselves and go to work" is this not something god wanted to do while here on this earth? He wanted us to serve our brothers and sister. With out one another I don't know if we could pass this test. Its like a volleyball game, with out the passer the ball wouldn't be given to the setter to set a spike, and without the setter there would be no set for the outside hitter or middle blocker to smash the ball on the other court. With out the server the game wouldn't start. We all need one another to full fill our purposes here on earth. And god is like the referee, he makes the calls and tells us weather we are doing something wrong or not. He keeps order and peace on the "court" or earth. SO even here on missions I think about how this concept is so important. Investigators not only need us to bring them the gospel but we NEED THEM to come help us. WE ALL NEED ONE ANOTHER to build up our fathers kingdom! So thank you for being apart of my progression in this life. I need my family to help build my testimony in this gospel and become the person I am today!!  So remember we may think that others need us to bring them the gospel but in reality we need them to help us return to live with god again. What a wonderful gift from god.
I had the opportunity to watch the Christmas devotional last Sunday and I loved \rose Mary Nixon's talk. She was telling the story of Christ's birth to some young boys at a boy scouts retreat. Then one of the boys with wide eyed curiosity looked at her and asked "what happened next?" She then went on to explain the saviors life and all the he did. He then again said "what happened next?" she talked about his great sacrifice for us and how he rose three days later and lived!  He then looked at her with tears in his eyes and asked once more "WHAT HAPPENS NEXT." .....What does happen next?? Our life here on earth. We are a gift from god and THAT is what happens next :) us wanting to return to live with him again :) what a wonderful message. let us keep the spirit of Christ in our heart this Christmas season.

LOTS OF LOVE!! :) pics this week I forgot my camera :(

-Sister Porter

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